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Track Records set this season

Jun 05, 2024 03:04PM ● By Allison Eliason

They say records are meant to be broken.  Those greatest accomplishments are written down to give the fame, credit and glory to the deserving few that are a cut above the rest.  But each new record also stands as someone else’s goal to achieve.  Whether it is the number of hits or albums by an artist, the time to climb mount everest, or even the fastest mile run pushing a stroller, that record might be a moment memorialized for one legend but it also serves as a target for the next great star.

Even in high school athletics, records are set for most yards rushing, serves in a single game, number of homeruns and points scored in a game.  To some people, those numbers might seem mundane and meaningless, but to other athletes, that level of achievement helps fuel and drive their game.

Few may know that the library in the Malad High School serves as the home for the all time MHS track and field records.  But of the handful of people that have looked over the running, jumping, and throwing leaderboard, you can be sure it is the amazing MHS athletes that surpassed the current records to set all new bests.

In the 2024 outdoor track and field season, an impressive eight new records were set, maybe even a new record of records broken in a single season.  

It’s no surprise that the name of track star Oaklie Hebdon would be found on the record board.  Her name first appeared on the board in 2023 when she broke the record in the 300 m hurdles at the 2A District meet.  In her senior year, chasing for a new personal record in the event would also mean setting a new school record as well.  At her level of elite performance, such a feat might only be accomplished by a tenth of a second and while she came close a number of times, it seemed just out of reach.  That was until her final meet at the 2A IHSSA State Track Meet where she smashed her own record of 45.16 by more than a full second as she ran a time of 44.05.

Hebdon’s speed not only marked her as MHS’s best in the long hurdles but also in the 400 m run.  Early in the season, she ran a speedy 57.68 as she competed at the Grizz Invitational Track Meet in Logan, Utah where she took first place in the event against some truly grueling competition.

If two places on the board weren’t enough, Hebdon individually now holds a third record in the triple jump.  In the preceding years, she was jumping nearly two feet shy of the current record of 36’ 6.75” held by Hanah Peterson.  But in her final meets of the season, Hebdon made great leaps in her performance.  Whether driven by the finality of her last high school meet or pushed by the elite competition, Hebdon pulled out all the stops as she stepped up for her final attempts at the state track meet to jump an incredible 37’ 4.5”.

Fellow senior and runner Brynnlee Bastian also broke her standing record in the 800 m run this season.  In 2021, Bastian ran a brilliant 2:24.97 to set the record as a freshman.  Training to compete at her absolute best in her final year as a track athlete, Bastian not only broke her record once but twice.  Despite the freezing temperatures, she set a new personal record and school record at the district meet in Bear Lake, but then smashed that time as well by running a 2:20.90 just a week later in her very last 800 m race at the state meet.

With the javelin becoming a newly sanctioned event in Idaho high school athletics, a new space has been added on the record board.  In the women’s division, sophomore Tylee Wright now holds the record with a throw of 52’ 9”.  Jumping into track for the first time in the 2024 season, Wright competed in the throwing ring with discus, shot put, and finally, javelin.  

Classmate Justin Toone similarly found new success with the javelin, setting a record of 110’ 8”  Toone’s size, build and athleticism have helped him to become an all around competitor in the track and field events from relays to jumping in the triple, long and high jumps to pole vaulting and now, to throwing the javelin.

The women’s relay teams were on the hunt to take down two records in their 2024 season, a goal they accomplished by grit, determination and sheer will power.  Led by seniors Bastian and Hebdon, with Mikell Keetch and Halie Palmer, the MHS women’s medley team set a new record of 1:53.34 in front of their family, friends, and community fans as they hosted their home meet for the 2024 season..  The medley includes two 100 m legs, followed by a 200 m leg and a 400 m leg.  

Competing in the 4x200, the Malad women’s relay team beat the 21 year old record with a time of 1:49.96 at the district meet.  While they finished in fourth place, their impressive time qualified them to compete at the state meet.

Who knows just how long these new records will stand as upcoming athletes push to outrun, outjump, and outthrow the current leaders.  It could be just a few short years or decades long before these records are replaced, but there are two things you can be sure of- first these athletes have accomplished what very few ever have and deserve the well earned recognition.  And second, you can also be sure that there is someone new that will be eyeing their freshly set records as their next time, jump or throw to beat.

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