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Grandparents Only

Jun 05, 2024 02:54PM ● By By Gramma Dot

I’m one of those people who believe that miracles are happening all around us every day.  We just don’t recognize them, and that is too bad.  Well, I got to see one the Saturday before Memorial Day.  Here’s what happened.

The Museum had its annual Grand Opening.  We have a bake sale, open the doors, and encourage people to come visit as we start the Museum Season.    People arrive about an hour early to get first dubs on the bake goods.  The chatter is lively, and everyone seems to enjoy themselves.  

A group of ladies came wandering in together.  There were at least two carloads of them and one in the group showed us a picture of her great-grandparent’s home.  They had pulled the picture off Family Search but had no address and wanted to know if any of us locals recognized it.  The picture was probably taken in the early 1950’s.  The house was white and had a full porch across the front of the home.  The younger generation in the group had never been to the home but were very anxious to find it.  There were a couple of ladies who were older and had visited their grandparents when they were about five or six years old, which would have been in the early 1960’s.  They didn’t remember where the home was.  The family name was Williams.  Those were our clues.

We all studied the picture and had our theories.  Dave Gilgen thought it had to be one of the homes on Bannock Street.  I thought maybe Sharon Jenkins’ home.  Everyone had an opinion.  We weren’t much help because no one could agree.  The picture was passed around to everyone in the museum.  The ladies did some shopping, and we finally concluded the best thing for them to do was go for a drive.  “Malad isn’t too big.  Just drive up and down the streets.  You’ll find it.”  The younger group left to start the quest.  The two older aunts continued to browse and visit.  

About half an hour after the first carload had pulled out, one of the aunties approached the bake sale table and told us about a few people she knew from Malad.  It seems when she was in high school the business students from her school (somewhere in SE Idaho) had gone on a bus trip to Boise for a state competition with the students from Malad.  She mentioned knowing Annette Corbridge and Jana Price.  We told her we knew them but hadn’t seen either in years.  Then she said she and Jana had really connected because Jana’s family had bought her Grandparent’s home.  

“Jana’s parents bought the home your Grandparent’s lived in?  The home you are looking for?  Call your nieces and tell them to go up (that’s north) First West to just above 400 North.  The home is no longer white and is on the west side of the street.”   Marion and Roberta’s home…none of us had thought of that particular dwelling.  

Life is Good when the mystery gets solved and it involves a minor miracle, and when you get to think of Marion and Roberta after all these years.  The experience also caused my own reflection on my Grandparents’ homes. 
Good memories! 

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