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Hallie Horsley signs letter of intent with Butte College

Jun 05, 2024 02:43PM ● By Allison Eliason

Hallie Horsley with her family after signing her commitment to play volleyball for Butte College. L to R Ethan, Jordan, Brad, Hallie, Kristen and Blakely.

For 93% of high school athletes, their competitive sports career ends when they put on that cap and gown.  For most, that bittersweet ending is reasonable, considering their level of talent and knowing they have other achievements and goals to pursue.  But for that small 7%, stepping onto the court or feeling that adrenaline rush at the start of the game isn’t just something they enjoy, but it is something that drives them.  They thrive on that level of competition and are never satisfied unless they are the best.

Malad High has had its fair share of that percentage, sending stellar athletes to colleges and universities across the country.  Adding her name to the list of MHS college athletes is volleyball star Hallie Horsley.

Anyone that might have followed Lady Dragon volleyball the last few years can’t deny what a crucial role Horsley has played.  With a powerful swing, serious ups, and a highly developed volleyball IQ, Horsley has dominated the court.  Since she was a young girl, she has shown a love and a dedication to the game beyond any other sport she has.  Driven to be the best, Horsley consistently filled her summers and seasons attending volleyball camps, coming in early and staying late after practices, and then going home to practice just a little bit more.

Her hard work culminated in a final season record of 25 wins and only 4 losses.  As the senior outside hitter, Horsley led the team in kills each night.  But she wasn’t just deadly from the net.  Bringing a killer back row attack, there was no position her opponents were safe from her lethal hits.  That same powerful swing led to be one of the top servers as she sent over jumps serves that were nearly impossible to pass up.  Even though her role was largely to send the hits across the net, Horsley was just as able to dig the hits coming from the
other side.

Horsley’s standout time as a Lady Dragon led her to the state volleyball tournament in her final two years, earning a fourth place finish in 2022 and a second place finish in 2023.  She was twice named on the All-State first team two years, All- Area second team one year and most recently as the Idaho State Journal Sport Star Volleyball Player of the Year from 1A-5A. 

 In addition to a stellar volleyball career at Malad High School, as a multi-sport athlete Horsley has been named to the 2A basketball All-District first and second team, as well as the All-State second team.  In softball she was a part of the three time state championship team, as well as a second place state finish.  Thus far she has been named to the softball All-State first team in her freshman, sophomore, and junior years and will likely be again as a senior. 

That same determination that drove her to great success on the court and field is what made her dreams of college volleyball a reality.  Competing on the small stage of Malad High School sports meant that she was going to have to put forth some serious energy to have colleges interested in her.  Taking the time to compile a highlight reel, Horsley began contacting various volleyball programs.  And then the offers began to come in.  

Taking the time to check out different coaches, campuses and teams, Horsley narrowed her selections to just one team- the Butte College Road Runners.  Nestled in Oroville, California, the small community college promised to provide the team atmosphere she wants, the playing opportunities she hopes for, the sport-centric college experience she craves, with a little California sunshine and fun on the side.

Playing for the Roadrunners, Horsley will continue as an outside hitter, playing both front and back row.  Butte coaches have intimated that they are looking to her to play a crucial role as an all around player.  Horlsey admits that she isn’t nervous or even worried about where she might fit in with the team.  After being a standout player, it is understandable that she might be concerned how she competes at this next level.  But she shared, “I know that this level of volleyball will push me to be better.  If I’m going up against someone that is better than me, it only pushes me to work harder.  I want to be the best and I will work until I am!  That is always how I have played.”

If she could write her future, Horsley would hope that a stellar two year stint for her junior college career with the Roadrunners will be a springboard into another college program, hopefully closer to home.  “Butte Co is all about helping athletes meet their goals, whether it is helping them academically or in their sports career,” Horsley shared.  “They do a great job to give athletes a good start and help them find other places to progress.”  

Horsley held a signing party in the MHS commons on Monday, May 13 with family, friends, coaches and fans cheering her on as she signed her name on the line.  As she shared her future plans, she gave a shout out to her past coaches and teammates that helped make her dreams possible.  “Of course I want to thank my volleyball coaches- Coach Cami Tripp, Gia Haycock and my mom (Kristen Horsley).  But I want to thank my other coaches as well for all they taught me- Trevor Jones, Tyson Daniels, Joe Miller, Alex Probst, Allison Eliason, Bri Adams, Christie Schow, Aysha Maddox, Arlene Shulz, and Rachel Green.

“I also owe a big thank you to my parents.  They always believed in me, pushed me and always cheered me on.  And I know that my setter, Adley Kimberling, is one that helped make this possible.  Without her, I never would have had the looks and the hits that I have had.”

August can’t seem to come fast enough for Horsley as she looks forward to her next volleyball season as a college athlete.  She may be putting on a new jersey, but she will always be a Lady Dragon, someone to cheer on as she lives out her dream of college volleyball.

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