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Stone Elementary ends year

Lucy Bird and Seeley Booth making their way to the finish line in the sack race with Owen Wilcock, Avery Eliason, Wade Eliason and Amy Smith looking on behind them at the Stone Elementary field day.

It may be hard to believe that the 2023-2024 school year is over but with quiet classrooms and empty desks, it can only be true.  As the final days began to wind down, the students and teachers of Stone Elementary were sure to end their year with a bang.  Celebrating with final field trips, activities and awards, the twenty students, teachers, aides and principal finished the school year out right.

Led by parents of the PTO, the students competed in their own field day, participating in events including the softball toss, standing and running long jump, sack races, 3-legged races, relay races, the dash, and even a tug-of-war.  

Dan Cervantez awarded a student from both the upper room (second and third grade) and the lower room (kindergarten and first grade) with scholarship money for achieving the most growth throughout the school year.  Receiving those scholarships were first grader Annie Alder with $25 and third grader Seeley Booth with $50.  

Awarding their achievements and growth in their testing, Stone Elementary gave the top learners in each grade new bikes donated from the Oneida County Crisis Center.  The winners included Tony Oseguera in kindergarten, Caleb Smith in first grade, Lucy Bird in second grade and David Oseguera in third grade.  

The staff and students gave one final hurrah to the students that will be leaving Stone Elementary for the fourth grade.  In a bittersweet goodbye, third grade students Seeley Booth, David Oseguera and Amy Smith were given their customary “Stone Bobcat Graduate” plaques alongside other sweet awards given to all the students from their dedicated teachers.

Summer break won’t last long before these students with few familiar new kindergarten faces will be chatting at their desks once again

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