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2024 Senior Classmen Award Assembly –May 21, 2024

The members of the Class of 2024 listed here receiving recognition and scholarships from many sources.

Class of 2024 Salutatorian
Baylor Bean

Class of 2024 Valedictorian
Curtis Huckaby

Class of 2024 Principal Awards – Sawyer Poulson and Chloe Udy

Recognition of Associate Degrees
Baylor Bean, Zion McCullough, Mathilde Dickerson, Azure Ashby

Recognition of Student Body Officers/Senior Class Officers – 

Brynlee Bastain – Student Body President

Baylor Bean – Student Body Vice President

Rylee Hammer – Student Body Secretary

Brookelyn Daniels – Student Body Public Relations 

Chloe Udy – Student Body Pep Representative

Kolton Cox – Student Body Tech Representative

Karlee Palmer – Senior Class President

Mathilde Dickerson – Senior Class Vice President

Sadie Jensen – Senior Class Secretary

Hunter Wray – Senior Class Public Relations

Ryan Hubbard – Senior Class Pep Representative


Oxford Peak Arts Council – Addler Garrett (play award), Kolton Cox $500, Conner Worrell $500, Sarah Beyler $250, Curtis Huckaby $1,000

Oneida County Library Scholarship – Alexus Tarbet $500

ATC Communications Scholarship – MaKayla Marshall $1,000 

Oneida SWCD – MaKayla Marshall $500, Mathilde Dickerson $500

Oneida Family Dental – Brynlee Bastian, Brookelyn Daniels, Baylor Bean, Kaylee Nalder (all $200)

Malad FFA Alumni & Supporters Chapter Scholarship – MaKayla Marshall $2,000

Farm Bureau – MaKayla Marshall, Brynlee Bastian, Sawyer Poulson (all $500), Timmy Jensen and Oaklie Hebdon both $2,000

ISU Road Scholarship – Preslie Bennett $2,000

Distinguished Young Women Scholarships – Alexus Tarbet $2,675, Brynlee Bastian $2,100, Rylee Hammer $1,700, Charli Briscoe $1,250, Brookelyn Daniels $475, Sadie Jensen $450, Sarah Beyler $350, Karlee Palmer $350

Oneida Education Foundation Scholarships – Dr. Jean Thomas

Lions Club Scholarships – Brookelyn Daniels, Charli Briscoe (both $1,000)

Additional Scholarships – 

Utah State University:

Azure Ashby - Nonresident Merit $15,000 

Brynlee Bastian - Alumni Legacy Waiver 2 $14,000 

Brynlee Bastian – Leadership $2,000 

Brynlee Bastian - Student Government $500 

Baylor Bean - Nonresident Ambassador $47,000 

Charli Briscoe - 100 Mile Radius Logan $11,500 

Hallie Horsley - 100 Mile Radius Logan $11,500 

Curtis Huckaby - Nonresident Presidential $47,000 

Timothy Jensen - Nonresident Merit $15,000 

Adley Kimberling - 100 Mile Radius Logan $11,500 

Idaho State University:

Allen, Porter $20,000.00 

Ashby, Azure F. $20,000.00 

Bastian, Brynlee B. $28,000.00 

Bean, Baylor $30,000.00 

Bennett, Preslie M. $12,000.00 

Carter, Cache A. $4,000.00 

Cox, Kolton P. $4,000.00 

Daniels, Brookelyn R. $20,000.00 

Dickerson, Mathilde M. $20,000.00 

Green, Jaylyn A. $4,000.00 

Hammer, Rylee M. $28,000.00 

Hebdon, Oaklie R. $20,000.00 

Huckaby, Curtis E. $30,000.00 

Jensen, Sadie L. $12,000.00 

Jensen, Timothy R. $28,000.00 

Kimberling, Adley D. $28,000.00 

Lund, Gabrielle M. $4,000.00 

Mathews, Caleb G. $12,000.00 

Moss, Dylan K. $12,000.00 

Nalder, KayLee C. $4,000.00 

Palmer, Karlee $12,000.00 

Pickett, Kaitlyn A. $28,000.00 

Potter, Jace B. $4,000.00 

Poulson, Sawyer T. $20,000.00 

Reeder, Kendyl $4,000.00 

Tarbet, Alexus $20,000.00 

Tripp, Braylen D. $4,000.00 

Udy, Chloe B. $28,000.00 

Worrell, Conner W. $4,000.00 

Young, Winona A. $28,000.00 

Weber State University:

Kaitlyn Pickett - $36,000

Brooklyn Daniels - $30,000

University of Tennessee: 

Kaitlyn Pickett - $16,000

Recognition: Hallie Horsley – Butte College Volleyball, Mason Brees – United States Army, Oaklie Hebdon – Idaho State University Track, Conner Worrell – Idaho State Unv. band

Honor Students – Class of 2024:

Top 10%: Curtis Huckaby, Baylor Bean, Winona Young, Alexus Tarbet, Kaitlyn Pickett

Top 25%: Azure Ashby, Mathilde Dickerson, Timothy Jensen, Chloe Udy, Brynlee Bastian, Adley Kimberling, Rylee Hammer, Oaklie Hebdon, Sawyer Poulson, Sarah Beyler 

Honor Roll 2024 Semester 1:

Top 10%: Porter Allen, Baylor Bean, Alexus Tarbet, Curtis Huckaby, Azure Ashby, Brynlee Bastian, Chloe Udy, Winona Young

Top 25%: Timmy Jensen, Lea Dore, Kaitlyn Pickett, Rylee Hammer, Oaklie Hebdon, Mathilde Dickerson, Adley Kimberling, Brookelyn Daniels

Induction of New Student Body Officers – Brynlee Bastian, Student Body President


1. Mayor’s Youth Council – Karlee Palmer, Kolton Cox, Mathilde Dickerson

2. Math Awards – Porter Allen, Sarah Beyler, Kolton Cox, Hallie Horsley, Bryce Jones, Adley Kimberling, Cache Carter, Ryan Hubbard, MaKayla Marshall, Karlee Palmer, Braylen Tripp, Hunter Wray, Jace Potter

Honors Math: Brynlee Bastian, Brookelyn Daniels, Rylee Hammer, Blaiz Wright, Mathilde Dickerson, Addler Garrett, Charli Briscoe, Kaitlyn Pickett, Chloe Udy

Math Distinguished: Azure Ashby, Oaklie Hebdon, Curtis Huckaby, Timmy Jensen, Zion McCullough, Winona Young, Baylor Bean

3. CNA Awards – Baylor Bean, Brynlee Bastian, Gabby Lund

4. EMT – Chloe Udy, Baylor Bean, Alexus Tarbet

5. Welding Award – Blake Williams

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