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Malad Elementary Goals – April

1st Grade

Ms. Ipsen’s Class

Students will write a 4 sentence paragraph (narrative) using correct punctuation and sentence structure with minimal help.

Remi Sweeten 

Scarlett Smith

Bridger Jones

Lincoln Moss

Brittany Baker

Hutch Hess

Navy Butler

Clara Barnes

Oakley Duessler

Robert Cotter

Maylee Hanks

Gatlin Steed

Michael Peterson

Madeline Shandrew

Gabe Hofman

Porter Allen

Amber Evans

Lukas Deschamps

Kiana Neal

Saxon Henry

2nd Grade

Mrs. Jones’ Class

Our goal was to compose a poem about dragons for the Welsh Festival. 

Macie Bennet

Elizabeth Butler

Adi Clark

Kenlee Clark

Adi Daniels

Maddison Green

Maliah Hansen

Azlin Jeffs

Zoe Jeffs

Sage King

Lynk Anderson

Eli Beck

Ridge Berry

Morgon Blaisdell

Mazon Chabries

Wilford Deschamps

Wyatt Henrie

John Leavitt

Cash Snow

4th Grade

Mrs. Cook’s Class

Goal: 11's X facts

Annika Smith

Alexis Woods

Lacie Palmer

Mahayla Crowther

Nayvie Rupp

Keegan Snow

Tucker Velasco

Rickell Call

Frank Fesler

Payson Price

Millie Ekstrom

Aaliyah Mourra

Jaxon Maloy

Colt Price

Brittyn Venable

Parker Lundberg

Paisley Allen

Whittney Roe

Logan Richard

Mrs. Waldron’s Class

Our Goal was to learn our
X11 facts:

Dax Beutler

Rawley Carter

 MaKelle Clark

Saige Cox

Avery Daniels

George Ferree

Ali Hanks

Draylyn Jones

Lilly Jones

Cash Kimberling

Haylen Kimberling

Macoy Luke

Emmett Moyer

Caleb Myers

Gracie Nelson

Zach Palmer

Maizley Rupp

Maggie Schow

Jace Seevers

Abby Smith

Gannon Steed

Charlotte Teeples

MaKelle Clark

Xavior Mayer

Mrs. Clark

Our goal in 4th grade this past month was to pass off the eleven
multiplication tables. 

This is the list of students that met that goal..

Jagger Abeyta

Skyli Armstrong

Willis Arnout

Caroline Butler

Troy Cottam

Alyssa Cutler

Mackley Hawkes

Hayden Hutchens

Alee James

Maudee Leavitt

Sadie Miller

Nash Naylor

James Peterson

Saunder Poulson

Gemmalyn Schwartz

Olivia Shandrew

Brynley Stoddart

Jordyn Thomas

Aaron Wall

5th Grade

Mrs. Johnson

Be able to correctly place 30
or more US states on a map:

Cache Maroney

Weston Armstrong

Wesley Asay

Brody Blaisdell

Jase Blaisdell

Saige Blaisdell

McCall Clark

Kaycee Daniels

Paige Eliason

Mozes McCoullough 

Riggin Reeder

Alyssa Seamons

Nora Talbot

Aidyn Weber

Paisley VanBebber 

Braxton Jewkes

Ivy Wright

Mrs. Blaisdell

Our April goal was to know where all 50 states are located on a map. 

Kinsley Neal

Eva Coleman

Rhyze Anderson

Ruxin Smith

Devin Ball

Bryten Bastian

Kayman Nimer

Isaac Bird

Levi Hatch

Thatcher Sweeten 

We're going to try it again next month. For those who finished 50 states, they are going to work on States and Capitals. 

Mrs. Allen

Goal: 25 of 50 States 

Megan Moss

Colbie Hammer

Declan Summers

Madelyn Gonzalez

Daniel Oseguera

Sofia Hess

Elijah Napier

Emery Talbot

Zaira Hamilton

Andie Talbot

Lineni Lavaka

Annabelle Shandrew

Leif Ashby

Grayson Smith

Karmyn Charles

Liam Atkinson

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