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Mother's Day Special - Vicki Sue Ekstrom

Vicki and the late Albert.

Vicki Sue Ekstrom came dancing into the world on January 12, 1942. She was the first brown eyed baby girl to Cecil and LaVene John. She was definitely the apple of her daddy's eye. Vicki is a great sister to Linda and Larry and to this minute has more love for them than they will ever know.

Some of her favorite memories are little vacations with Linda from bowling trips or just long weekend get aways. A hot dog up in the Cherry Creek hills with Larry and his family meant so much laughter. Mom loves no one more than Linda, Larry, and their kids.

When mom was young, Grandpa Cecil was serving in WWII. Mom has many times told us that she used to hold grandma's hand and took daily walks to the post office to check the military list to make sure that grandpa was still fighting away and would soon be home.

Mom always could out dance anyone. In dance class mom could tap her way to the top. Toe shoes was just about the death of her, she claims to this day that the reason she has messed up toes is because of dance. Not many weddings or gatherings did you not see Vicki dancing
on stage!!!

Mom and Dad (Albert Ekstrom) married February 3, 1959, and then the fun began.

They welcomed the first fat little man Marvin to the family and mom thought that he was perfect. She giggles all the time that no one ever had a more beautiful baby than Marv.

Marv reminds mom of the ball games that her and Grandpa Cecil came to and will never forget them cheering him on. He was always so happy when dad came flying in just in time for the game to start. He said mom was a huge supporter to him and he is very thankful for her morning visits at the station before he starts work each day. His razor rides from one house to the next delivering or picking up a car to be serviced.

Five years later mom had another perfect fat little man, Tim.

Now that Marv was more into hanging out at the station dad, mom and Tim became very close. Tim said mom would stick up for me no matter what.

He loves the long drives to the team roping events or a ballgame with her and dad tagging along. Sunday nights might be after dark but that is when Tim gets to spend his one-on-one time with mom. Tim sees mom every day at work but come Sunday night it's just her and him and he says he loves it!

Seemed way to soon, but here came Staci Sue a short year later. Mom claims she was super excited to finally have a girl to form her into a dancer. Stac was pretty good at performing for the first 4 or 5 years then the dancing career came to a quick end. They quickly had a ballplayer on their hands. Staci Sue says there was not a game that mom and daddy were not in the stands cheering her on or chewing the stripes off a referee jersey for bad calls. Mom and I have had a ton of laughs through the years, but my favorite is the time I get to spend with mom daily. No matter where we go, we don’t stop laughing and mom is a true example to me!!! My favorite thing about my mom is when she calls me her partner in crime. I cannot think of anyone else I would rather cause a crime scene with.

Four years passed and a blonde-haired, blue-eyed babe came into this world, Jennifer. Not sure where she came from but boy did she fit right in. Mom had another chance to make a dancer only to fail once again. Jennifer quickly became a sidekick to dad. She can fix a car, ride a horse and she too can dance some but would rather be on a horse. Jenn gets to work with mom side by side daily at the store. She feels blessed to have mom next to her each day.

Mom loved dad and us kids and supported us all in what we did. From ball games to racing horses, running around the reservoir in a boat or on the tippy top of the mountain on snowmobiles. Mom loves to bowl and was dang good at it.

Vicki worked at the Chat n Chew when her family owned it, Alberts Service, Thomas Market, and Bohn Insurance. She now owns, along with Jennifer, "Up The Creek" gift store, t-shirt and hat shop. There is not a thing that she can’t do. From decorating her home to making bows and beautiful floral wreaths. Mom is in heaven on her lawnmower in her yard. She has won yard of the month many years and yard work is something she loves to do.

Occasionally we might lose mom in a crowd. Dad's joke was, just listen and we will find her. That laugh would make you smile and then we could find mom instantly. She is known for her huge heart and her family. Mom has cooked a hot meal every day and shared lunch with her family. If you show up at the station close to noon you will see her flying in to bring lunch to all.

Mom lost her best friend in October 2022. Daddy passed away suddenly from a tumble at his station. She has been the rock of the family since then. Her one and only wish is that she could take away the pain from her kids. Although it has been super tough without Dad, Mom is reminded each day by someone what an amazing man and couple they were.

Vicki has 9 grandchildren Jamie, Brandon, Marlee, Bodee, Shawnee, Ty, Kati, Haggon and Timmi. She loves them all unconditionally, but the first two, Jamie and Brandon made her dreams come true. Then when the great grandchildren started showing up, she fell in love all over again. And she now has one precious great great granddaughter Kenlee.

 You can always catch mom in the evening watching her favorite game shows with a crochet needle in her hand. Mom has made all the kid’s hats, gloves, jackets, hair ties and even a bootie or two. If you need any crochet apparel, give her a call.

Vic is the best sister, mom, grandma, aunt, and friend around. When you see her in the Razor just give her a smile. She is a professional bicycle rider now and her, Staci and Jenn are thinking of forming a “bike” gang. She teases that she is going to start team roping at the E6 Barn. One thing you can count on is mom! Once you have her on your team, she will always be on your team.

Mom thanks for all that you have done for us kids and everyone around you. You truly are a blessing to so many! Happy Mother’s Day! We Love You, Marv, Tim, Staci and Jenn

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