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Madelyn Shaw is the Distinguished Young Woman for 2025, backed up by an “unstoppable” group of participants

DYW participants and their hostesses join each other on stage as they await the final results.

After months of preparation, practice, stress, hard work, practice, encouragement, accomplishment, and more practice, the Distinguished Young Woman for Malad was named on Saturday.  At the end of a very entertaining program in a filled to capacity auditorium at Malad Elementary School, Madelyn Shaw was named 2025’s DYW and takes the mantle from Alexus Tarbet. 

Tarbet and Christie Schow emceed the event, with some help throughout from many of last year’s DYW contestants (who put on one of the most entertaining Forget-Me-Not skits in recent memory), and a quick and nimble crew led by Jeff Richins.

The judges on hand for the event have an impressive list of credentials including national recognition for dance, performance, music, academics, and community involvement.  Kristi Gaona, Richy Gaona, Kate George, Kayla Cruz, Sue Johnson, and Valerie Foster were this
year’s judges.

This year’s theme was  “Unstoppable,” and according to this year’s Chair Nikki Schwartz, “Ladies, you are truly unstoppable and will accomplish anything you set your minds to.  You have shown me this since we started working together in January.  I have loved getting to know each of you.  Thank you for showing me your love, kindness, talents, determination, and your cute personalities.  Thank you for always doing what was asked of you.  I kno there were times we pushed you out of your comfort zone to help you reach your full potential.  You have changed my life for the better.  Always remember you are unstoppable no matter what life brings you!”

During the program, 50 percent of the scores remained to be earned by the evening’s performance.  The other 50 percent had already been determined by a review of the participants’ academic records, and interviews with the judges.  The evening itself involved a Fitness portion, Self-Expression portion, and Talent

In the Self-Expression category, sponsored by Hess Lumber and Home Center, the Coatney Family, and JIMA Solution, the $300 Finalists were Aubrey Corbett, Madelyn Shaw, and Makiya Shulz.  The $400 Overall Winner of the category, sponsored by Studio A Dance, was
Aubree Palmer.

The Fitness Category finalists, sponsored by BC Timbers, Nell J Redfield Memorial Hospital, and The Gym: Total Health and Fitness, receiving $300 were Makiya Shulz, Maren Sperry, and Katie Coatney.  The Overall $400 winner of the category sponsored by Oneida Family Dental was Baylee Owens.

In the Talent category, the Finalists of the $300 scholarship sponsored by Hess Lumber and Home Center, The Coatney Family, and Joe and Sandra Thomas were Tatum Hess, Katie Coatney, and Madelyn Shaw.  The Overall Winner of the category and the $400 scholarship sponsored by Horsley Funeral Homes was Natalie Webster.

In the Interview Category, the Finalist and winners of the $300 scholarships sponsored by Dr. Ed Thorpe, Allen Drug, and the Coatney Family were Baylee Owens, Aubree Palmer, and Katie Coatney.  The Overall Winner of the category  and $400 sponsored by Last Mile Wireless was Madelyn Shaw.

In the Scholastic category, the Finalists of the $300 scholarship sponsored by Michael Frandsen—Mountain West Drilling, Nucor Steel—Utah, and Hess Lumber and Home Center were Aubree Palmer, Aubrey Corbett, and Katie Coatney.  The winner of the $400 scholarship sponsored by Oneida Education Foundation was Madelyn Shaw.

The “Be Your Best Self” award was given to two participants.  This year, the recipients of the $300 scholarships sponsored by the DYW Committee and the Malad 4th of July Fun Run were Paige Wilson and Tatum Hess.

The “Spirit of Distinguished Young Women” award.  The award was chosen by the participants themselves, and is given to the girl who they believe has shown the most spirit and has exhibited the ebst attitude.  The award is sponsored by the Dude Ranch Café dor $400.  The awards were given to Aubrey Corbett and Katie Coatney.

The final awards of the evening were given the alternates and the new DYW for 2025.  The third alternate for 2025, with a scholarship sponsored by the DYW Committee and the 4th of July Fun Run for $750 is Makiya Shulz.

The second alternate, with a scholarship also sponsored by the DYW Committee and Fun Run for $1000 is Aubree Palmer.

The first alternate, also sponsored by the DYW Committee and Fun Run for $1000 is Katie Coatney.

And the 2025 Distinguished Young Woman for Oneida County, with a scholarship for $1,500 from the DYW Committee and Fun Run is
Madelyn Shaw. 

Each of the girls worked with a Hostess during the lead up to the program, who coached them with their interviews, time management, talent, confidence, and a million other things.  The Hostesses for this year were Alicia Seamons, BDbra Bean, Wendy Stucki, Lyndsey Thomas, Lacey Clark, Hallee Degn, Ashley Price, Shannon Davis, Kami Willie, and Janelle Thorpe.  

A lot of other people were on hand to make sure the program went on smoothly, and the young women had the support they needed.  Among them were Chairman Nikki Schwartz, who had the task of coordinating and managing dozens of people and schedules, Production Chairman Callie Werk, Judges’ Chairman Pamela Mills, Judges’ Co-Chair Christine Smith, Treasurer Paula Davis, Interview Committee Lead Shawna Daniels, Scholastic Judge Chair NAcona Smith, Tabulators Sandra Thomas and MaCall Smith, Fundraising Lead Alaina Schrenk, Be Your Best Self Committee Heidi Kimberling, Beth Bastian, and Hailee Hanks, Opening Number Choreographers Alexus Tarbet, Charlie Briscoe, and Sadie Jensen, Fitness Routine Choreographers Chelsey Bybee and Whitney Jackson, Self-Expression Choreographer Callie Werk, Lights/Sound/and Stage Managers Jeff and Laurie Richins and Ada Campbell, DYW Workshop Team Raegan Smith, Christine Smith, and Alexus Tarbet, Hair and Makeup Lisa Willie, Decorators Ashlee Jensen, Paula Davis, Nikki Schwartz, and Hailee Poole, Photographer Crystal Kimberling, Ticket and Program Lead Candis Schow, Caterer Andrea Jones and Regene Jones, Media Specialist Ashlee Jensen, Admissions team Hailee Poole and Kenzie Udy, and Fun Run manager Laura DeJong.

Other Sponsors for the event included:  Michael Frandsen - Mountain West Drilling, Nucor Steel – Utah, Edith’s Collective, Hess NAPA/Hess Truck Auto Ag, Hess Pumice Products, J Peak Propane, Mike & Danece Hess, OrthoUtah Dr. Matthew Bitner & Dr. Daniel Higbee, Thomas Electric – Furniture, Alaina Schrenk, CPA, Ashlee Jensen & Paula Davis, ATC Communications, Doug Williams, Dusty “Hootie” Roche, Frank & Gayle Madsen, Joan Hawkins & Jenny Hawkins, K-C Oil, Kim & Sue Evans, Kristi Berryhill, Malad Area Chamber of Commerce, Malad Rock Products, Malad Valley Cornhole, Northern Title, Rhonda Daniels, Scott & Pamela Mills, Shawna Daniels, Subway, Kirk & Jaclyn Nielsen, Christine, MaCall, & Raegan Smith, Brent & Candis Schow, Buttars Tractor, Callie Werk, Clint & Beth Bastian, Farm Bureau Insurance - Kevin & Anjanele Degn, Josh & Shannon Barnes, Lynette Price, Nikki Schwartz, Randy & Lois Willie - R&R Driving School, Rex & Sarah Robbins, Sheldon & Janice Vaughan, The Pickett Family, CWC Video, Travis & Hailee Hanks, Ashlee Jensen, Beth Bastian, Candis Schow, Hailee Hanks, Pamela Mills, Shawna Daniels, and Heidi Kimberling.

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