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5th District Music Festival

By: Addison Williams and
Paisley Smith

On April 23rd, our High School Choir, Chamber Choir, and Concert Band all traveled to Snake River for the 5th District Music Festival. Schools from around the district performed their concert pieces and had professionals give them a score and some feedback. Curtis Huckaby, a Senior member of Chamber Choir and Band, said, “My favorite part was performing the music that influenced my emotions.” The choirs and band performed well and got some helpful feedback. Junior member of Chamber Choir, Maren Sperry, said, “My favorite part was watching the swing choirs from other schools. The judge talked about how microphrasing can add more depth so people connect with the song more.” Overall, this was a great opportunity for the music program. This feedback will help all of the students perfect their songs for the concert on May 9th! 

Boys baseball game

By Cora Asay, Rebecca McCracken

On April 29 the Malad high school baseball team went and competed against Snake River. The final score being  6:15. Varsity played a great game. Even though they came home with a lose. The JV team came home with a win against Snake river. Our boys played a good game in snake river. 

Congressional Art Competition 2024

By Adi Schow and Alex Christensen

Last week, art students from Malad High School traveled to Idaho Falls to view art entries for the Congressional Art Competition. These students submitted artwork following the prompt, “Idaho Winning Her Way to Fame.” These students worked hard on their art previous to the field trip. Taylor Cowdin, a student who participated in the competition explained that she “saw a lot of digital art that I noticed is becoming more popular.” Lots of the students enjoyed the trip, and fun experiences available to them there, like drawing portraits of each other, grabbing lunch, and seeing the other art that students from Idaho submitted. Many were excited to see the “variety of art included” “from character art, nature themes” too . This was also a great learning experience for many of the attendants, one student reportedly enjoyed seeing many other styles that people used for “the eyes” in their art. All in all this was truly a wonderful experience for the students of Malad High to partake in!

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