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Malad High School’s Dragon Dreamhouse

Apr 26, 2024 12:33PM ● By Mathilde Dickerson and Adi Schow

Lexie Evans’ Greenhouse Management class transplanting their pumpkin plants.

Happy Earth Day! On Monday, April 22nd, Lexie Evans’ Greenhouse Management class transplanted their pumpkin plants, which were first planted earlier in April. This semester, students in Mrs. Evans’ Greenhouse Management class have learned how to build a greenhouse, plant and transplant plants, and manage the business side of greenhouse operations. The students voted and decided to name the greenhouse the Dragon Dreamhouse, with the slogan “Life in the Greenhouse: Growing Minds and Growing Futures.” When asked what she loved most about teaching her Greenhouse Management students, Mrs. Evans stated that her favorite thing is “when the plants start to grow and the kids can actually see their work pay off… it’s not just a grade, but it’s physical proof of the work they’ve put in!” Mrs. Evans hopes that the future of the Dragon Dreamhouse will include hanging baskets, bedding plants (annuals and perennials), a larger variety of garden plants, and a Spring sale in 2025. Lexie Evans emphasized that the greenhouse is a way of giving back to the community, so any suggestions of what to include in the greenhouse are welcome! Speak to Mrs. Evans or a Greenhouse student if you have any suggestions of what to include in the Dragon Dreamhouse. 

Students Alexa Cram and Mary Moss were then interviewed, where they were asked what they like about the Greenhouse Management class. Mary Moss stated that she loves the “hands-on experience” and Alexa Cram said that she likes “that we can get our hands dirty.” When asked about what they’ve most enjoyed learning within the class, the two students replied that they have enjoyed learning about the business side of things. “I didn’t realize how many occupations and careers there are in that industry” remarked Alexa. Mary and Alexa are just two of many students who take Mrs. Evans’ Greenhouse Management class and love it. The class is unlike any other and provides an enriching experience for any student interested in plant science and greenhouse operations! 

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