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Governor declares March 17-23 Idaho Flood Awareness Week

Governor Brad Little has officially designated the week of March 17-23 as Flood Awareness Week in Idaho.  A proclamation to that effect was released on March 15.  The proclamation recognizes the importance of “understanding and preparing for the dangers posed by flooding.”  In observance of the week, the Idaho Office of Emergency Management urges all Idahoans to take proactive measures to safeguard themselves, their families, and
the properties.

“As the temperatures rise, we’re reminded of Idaho’s flood history,” said IOEM Director Brad Richy.  “While spring snow melts are crucial for irrigation and ecosystem health, rapid thawing can lead to dangerous flooding.  It’s crucial for Idahoans to stay prepared for flood risks annually.”

The IOEM has teamed up with the Idaho Silver Jackets, an interagency flood risk management team, to help educate the public about measures to reduce the effects of flooding and flood-related hazards.  One of the Silver Jacket’s primary goals is to develop comprehensive and sustainable solutions to flood hazard issues and communicates
flood risks.

“With the rapid growth of our state, there are many Idahoans unaware of their current flood risk,” said Idaho Silver Jackets Coordinator Russel Lodge.  “I encourage everyone to educate themselves by researching floodplain maps, creating a plan for any kind of emergency, and always plan for flood rish particularly during travel or in areas they are not familiar with.  Flooding throughout the state is a recurring, serious event that has significant implications with the loss of life and sever economic consequences.”

According to Federal Emergency Management Agency, flooding is the leading cause of severe weather related deaths each year in the United States.  To ensure safety during flood events, it is important to follow these guidelines:

Never drive through flooded roadways, even if it looks shallow.  Just a few inches of fast-moving water can wash away a heavy truck.

Stay informed by monitoring local news sources for up-to-date weather information.

If flooding happens, get to higher ground fast.

Respect and adhere to any barriers or warnings issued by law

Always have an emergency kit in your home and vehicle in case you need to evacuate to higher ground.

This week also aims to rise awareness among Idaho residents regarding the importance 

of securing flood insurance for their properties.  FEMA ranks flooding among the most common and costly natural disasters, with just one inch of water capable of inflicting up to $25,000 in damage to a home.

Whether flooding is from the flowing waters of rivers, rainfall, or from snowmelt, being

aware of your own flood risk and what you can do about it is extrememly importantl.  It is important to remember that floods occur naturally and can happen almost anywhere—flooding may not even be near a body of water.  IOEM strongly encourages all homeowners, renters, and business owners to purchase flood insurance.  Visit for
more information.

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