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Code of the Week

Code Enforcement Officer John Christophersen would like to call residents’ attention to the city ordinance defining the number and type of animals that are allowed within city limits.  Recently, several reports of animals within the city either becoming loose or being interacted with by loose dogs has once again raised the issue of permitted animals.  The city Code regarding private animal ownership within the city is reprinted below:



5. Animals Allowed : 

In any “R” Residential Zone in which the land is predominantly vacant or occupied by agricultural uses, the keeping of cows, horses, sheep, and fowl shall be subject to the following limitations: A. A minimum of one-half (1/2) acre (21,780 square feet) is required to keep cow(s), sheep, horse(s), or fowl within Malad City limits. There may be kept not more than two (2) cows, two (2) sheep, two (2) horses or fifteen (15) fowl per one-half (1/2) acre (21,780 square feet) of land upon which the same are kept, and two (2) cows, two (2) sheep, two (2) horses or fifteen (15) fowl per one-half (1/2) acre of land thereafter in one-half (1/2) acre increments.

Exceptions and penalties can be found in City Ordinance sited. 

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