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Candidates set for Primary

Last Friday was the filing deadline for candidates wishing to run in the county’s primary elections scheduled for Tuesday, May 21.  In most locations across the country, the primary is designed to determine which candidate will represent a given party in the general election against opponents from other parties, typically Republican and Democrat, as well as qualifying candidates from any other parties declared within the county. 

Due to the fact that the declared candidates for the primary have all declared under the same party, the primary to some extent serves as a proxy for the general election, although the winners won’t assume any offices until next year.

All candidates who have made it onto the official ballot are invited to contact the Enterprise for a brief interview to be included with the official campaign announcement and picture (two precinct candidates were included in last week’s issue, and two more will be included in today’s.). Afterward, candidates are also invited to arrange any advertising they would like to place with Shelly Williams at (208) 766-4773.  Candidates will be asked to limit any Letter to the Editor submissions to less than 500 words, and prioritizing policies and plans, rather than direct comments about opponents.

Letters in support of or opposition to candidates should be limited to one per person per candidate for the cycle.  Writers are asked to be topical and polite in their communication.  If we receive a number of letters making the same or similar points, we reserve the right to choose one as a representative example to speak for the rest.  Letters above 500 words may be edited for length.  Any letter may be edited for clarity, though it will be acknowledged as such.   

The final list of candidates for offices within the county are as follows, according to the Oneida County Clerk’s Office.  Offices not listed include candidates running unopposed.



John Christophersen--R

Doug Williams--R

Jonathan Hayes--R

David Murphy--R


District 1: 

Bill Lewis

Drew Pettis

District 3: 

Brian Jeppsen

Kirk Willie



Bob Crowther

Robyn Gamble

Troy Allen

Tom Jenkins


Lynn Moore

Sterling Smith

Bryan Kerr

Randy Willie


Ben Campbell


J. Duane Carter

Paul Smith

 Troy Allen—Precinct #2

Hello, I am Troy Allen.  I am married to Cinniman Allen.  Together we have seven children and seven grandchildren.  As long time residents of Malad, we are grateful for the blessing to have raised our children here in this amazing valley, in the great state of Idaho.

For the past seven years, I have had the opportunity to serve on the Oneida County Republican Committee as Precinct #2 Committeeman.  Precinct two is one of the smallest geographic precincts in the county, with the second largest population of 1182 (2020 Census). My responsibilities to the people of my precinct have been to help individuals register to vote and get out to vote, participate in service and fundraising activities, attend city and county meetings and try to stay informed and prepared to answer questions of individuals in the precinct.

As there are six precincts in Oneida County, I have had the opportunity to serve alongside several outstanding conservative committee men and women.  We have studied together the US Constitution, Idaho Constitution and other federal, state, county and city laws and ordinances.  We have attended monthly County Republican meetings, and State Republican meetings twice a year.  It has been a great opportunity to learn more about law, history, and where we are today in trying to preserve our God given liberties and freedoms.

I know the Constitution is an inspired document we have been entrusted to uphold.  We have a challenge ahead of us to do so.  The Republican party is not perfect.  But, the principles of the Idaho Republican Platform are something I can support, work to uphold, and strive to keep those in my precinct informed as much as possible.  If you live in precinct #2, I would appreciate you allowing me to continue serving you with your vote of confidence on May 21, 2024.

 Sterling Smith—Precinct #3

My name is Sterling Smith and I and my family have lived in the valley for about 18 years working for ATC Communications and getting to know all the people in the valley. We stand on the shoulders of those that have gone before us and made this place here a little bit of a paradise on earth. My wife Madelin and I have 10 children, half of which we have raised here. 

 I served as Precinct Committeeman for the Republican Party from 2014—2018. I would like to once again represent District 3 and have put my name on the ballot. I believe in God, Family, and Country and upholding the liberties that our founders have scrolled upon documents that we revere. I am conservative and believe that government should be small and never a burden upon the people which gives it the consent
to govern.

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