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Grandparents Only

Mar 21, 2024 11:03AM ● By Gramma Dot

We went to Beauty and the Beast.  The Arizona cousins were visiting so we loaded up the five grandkids, cousin Hallee, Shauna and myself and off we went to “the theater.”  It was a little nostalgic because “the theater” won’t be standing much longer.  The crowd was evidence of the community’s support for our local thespians, and their performance made us all very happy. 

The whole bunch of us sat glued in our seats as we watched Belle, Gaston, The Beast and a cast full of talented supporting actors transport us to France and the enchanted castle.  Lumiere, Mrs. Potts, Chip, Cogsworth, LeFou, Armoire, Maurice and the rest of the cast did not allow our attention to wander for one minute.  The whole production was honestly as good as a Tuachan show.  The fact that you know most of the people involved made it even better.  I’ve been singing “Be Our Guest” ever since.

So, back to the fact that “the theater” is coming down after the new elementary is finished.  What’s a community to do?  We’ve got the talent which includes performers, directors who know how to magnify talent, half a town full of supporting adults who create costumes and sets, write grants and playbills, run lights and sound and mostly spend lots of time with the youth doing important work like developing talents and building confidence.  We’ve got it all except “the theater.”  Well, seems to me we need to build a “theater.” 

We hit the jackpot on timing for the elementary.  State equalization and the online school made it possible for a beautiful, new building without raising taxes.  Maybe all that good luck will continue.  Maybe not.  What we know is we need a theater as quickly as possible.  Maybe we can do it without raising taxes.  Maybe not.  The research needs to start, and our minds need to be open.  Our Good Life depends on our united work to see the next needed project in our community become a reality!  So, “Be Our Guest” and help us figure
it out.

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