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Girls Scouts celebrate 112 years

Back Row L-R: Zaira Hamilton, Olivia Shandrew, Annabelle Shandrew, Piper Lewis, Mayhayla Crowther, Paisley Maughan Middle Row L-R: Lila Crowther, Addison Zahn, Jane Bell, Kiya Crowther Front Row L-R: Madeline Shandrew, Paige Donnan

Last week, Girl Scout leaders Kristy Zahn, Katy Maughan, and Makinzie Shandrew held a party to commemorate the 112th anniversary of the Girl Scouts organization.  Laura Dickerson was on hand to help, having been the long time Silver Sage Council leader in the Malad Valley.  The girls are still in the midst of Girls Scout Cookie season, but have a number of other activities planned for the upcoming months.  As a bonus feature for the meeting, Katy had brought in her new brood of quail hatchlings, which delighted the girls as they played games, including Girl Scout Cookie Twister, and listened to a story while eating the
celebratory cake! 

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