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Synopsis of the January Minutes Oneida County Board of Commissioners

Monthly Report from Clerk

Per IC §31-819

January 2024

January 8, 2024 - Topics discussed and decisions made: Claims for payment and meeting minutes were approved. Commissioners will continue with the same assignments as in 2023 with Bill Lewis serving as chairman. Fuller & Fuller was introduced as the county’s legal representatives through the end of 2024. A name updated “Oneida County Noxious Weeds Department” on the Hylio drone agreement.  Extension Agent Sawyer Fonnesbeck gave an update on the 2-year alfalfa study he is conducting. Commissioners discussed open meeting law. Treasurer Leigh Love discussed policy for tax cancellation or refund of solid waste. Commissioners approved P&Z request for a module through the iWorQ program to help streamline processes. County dispatch pay was discussed in order to ensure compliance with Idaho Statute 67-5328. Resource officer compensation topic was revisited in an effort to finalize the School Resource Officer agreement with the school. FMLA and other required employment posters to be updated in county buildings. County policy for random drug testing was discussed. The SHSP emergency services grant being used for the backup generator at the events center is under a deadline. A public hearing was scheduled for Ben Naylor’s request to rezone was scheduled for February 15. Request to graze the Stone garbage dump was denied due to DEQ regulations. Indigent defense expenditure report was approved.  ARPA funds have been used on the courthouse elevator project. Funds remaining are $26,402 and must be used by December 2024. Commissioners are hoping to use those funds to help pay for the ADA compliant counters and other updates inside the courthouse. Bids for a bulk fuel tank for Oneida County are being collected. Vessel Fund report for how the county plans to use remaining $17,319 is due 1/31/2024. Commissioners chose not to pursue the disaster preparedness grant due to R&B thinking it would be less than beneficial due to grant requirements. First responder counseling options were discussed and tabled for a future meeting. Fair board bylaws were discussed.  Commissioners discussed the Life Flight Group Plan prior to possible renewal. Most departments have reported their “state of the county” reports for 2023 for publication in the local paper.  Commissioners moved into executive session per
Idaho Code 74-206 (b).

January 22, 2024 - Topics discussed and decisions made: Claims for payment and meeting minutes were approved. Counseling benefits for first responder was discussed. Oneida County Employee Comp Time Policy, Drug Testing Policy, and School Resource Officer agreements were discussed.  The new elevator in the courthouse has been paid for and the remaining ARPA funds will go towards the ongoing ADA compliance project at the courthouse. A bulk fuel tank is being obtained for use by the county and will be placed near the ambulance building. A request to retain the remaining vessel funds from Idaho Department of Parks & Recreation was made for the purpose of purchasing equipment to assist emergency departments. Commissioners approved the invoice for economic development to receive $15,000 from the state. The Oneida County vehicle policy was clarified regarding the use and care of county vehicles. Options for first responder counseling in 2024 were discussed. The commissioners motioned to discontinue a policy with Life Flight Insurance because other options are available who adhere to the new “No Surprise Act” (accept what the insurance pays as payment in full).  The county may have some excess property and a possible sale was briefly considered. Updated employment posters were placed in county offices as a follow-up to a previous meeting. Interested citizens of Oneida County requested commissioner meetings to be held later in the day to accommodate those who are unable to attend.  Ideas were discussed on how to facilitate more community engagement, such as town hall meetings or different start times.  

January 26, 2024 - Topics discussed and decisions made: Commissioners held a special meeting to discuss and accept the D&T Electric bid for the Cummins back-up generator for the Event Center at the cost of $59,780.55. 

Expenditures by fund:

Current expense, $23,794.62; Road & Bridge, $141,287.92; Airport, $32,824.84; Ambulance, $10,313.44; District Court, $1,960.09; Justice, $30,665.90; Health District, $15,220.250; Parks & Rec., $386.98; Indigent & Charity, $1,793.50; Revaluation, $2,090.00; Tort, $4,308.51; Weeds, $1,303.44; Consolidated Elections, $964.08; E-911, $19,535.61; Specialty Court Coordinator, $312.81; ARPA Recovery Fund, $$1,044.10; LACTF Funding, $6,200.00 -- Total - $294,006.09

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