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Idaho Senate Leadership Statement on Border Security

Feb 22, 2024 02:37PM ● By Majority Leader Kelly Anthon (District 27)

As members of the Idaho Senate leadership, we stand firm in our support for Operation Esto Perpetua and the decision to deploy Idaho State Police troopers to assist at the southern border and help stem the tide of the border crisis. The crisis at our nation’s southern border isn’t a distant problem; its ripples are felt far and wide, reaching into the heart of Idaho. The unchecked flow of illegal narcotics, human trafficking, and the influx of weapons into our communities poses a significant threat to our safety and sovereignty. 

With the Biden administration’s inadequate response to this growing chaos, it’s incumbent upon states to step up and protect their citizens.

The value of the frontline experience our troopers gain in working alongside their counterparts in Texas is immeasurable. They learn directly from the epicenter of illegal activity, honing skills that are indispensable in the fight against the sophisticated operations of drug cartels. These cartels don’t respect state lines; the drugs they smuggle into Texas today can be on the streets of Idaho tomorrow. Our Troopers’ enhanced training directly translates into more effectively stopping drug and human trafficking.

The fight to secure the border transcends political lines. It’s about safeguarding our communities, upholding the rule of law, and ensuring that Idahoans can live safely. As the federal government falters, Idahoans can rest assured that their representatives and law enforcement officers stand vigilant against threats to our security and well-being.

We praise the valor of our ISP troopers. Their contributions are making Idaho, and America, a safer place for all. As more leaders across the country are recognizing the severity of the border crisis, we are proud to be at the forefront of this crucial national effort. The security of Idaho, and the nation, demands nothing less.

The Idaho Senate Majority Caucus is led by President Pro Tem, Senator Chuck Winder; Majority Leader, Senator Kelly Anthon; Assistant Majority Leader, Senator Abby Lee; and, Majority Caucus Chair, Senator
Mark Harris.

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