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Grandparents Only

Jan 25, 2024 10:11AM ● By Gramma Dot

My bookshelves needed a good sorting, cleaning, and thinning.  I knew it was going to take time because I can’t pick up a book without remembering, but I began.

First, children’s books.  I have lots and I determined I was only going to keep the very best.  As I put “Wild Things,” “Velveteen Rabbit,” “Pooh,” “Snowy Day,” and several others in the keep pile.  I discovered “Horton Hatches the Egg” wasn’t there.  Horton is my favorite Seuss character and for good reason.  That elephant taught us, 

“I meant what I said, 

And I said what I meant, 

An elephant’s faithful 

One hundred percent.”  

I got up from the stack of books, found my phone and ordered Horton immediately.  

He arrived two days later.  Hadley, Elle, Neni and Noah were at my place.  When I opened the package I let out a whoop and called them all upstairs.  I gathered them to the floor, around my comfy chair and told them to pretend they were in kindergarten, and it was story time.  Noah reminded me he didn’t have to pretend, he was in kindergarten.  The big girls all had this smirk on their faces like “What is going on here?”  I began, just like in the good old days at Malad Elementary.  I had them chime in on the “I meant what I said…” part and by the end of the book they had it down, even the big girls. 

I hadn’t felt this good since the pickleball courts were finished.  However, the cherry on the top came when Elle approached me later in the day wanting to know if she could change her middle name.  Her name is Elle Elizabeth Evanson and I think it is a beautiful name.  I told her I didn’t think it was a good idea, but what did she have in mind?  “Ephant,” she replied, “Elle Ephant Evanson.”  Thank you, Horton.  Life is good!

Thank you
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