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Grandparents Only

Jan 11, 2024 10:42AM ● By Gramma Dot

Our youngest grandchild, Morgan Ann, is ten months old and is pulling herself up on everything and taking a few steps while holding on.  She will take a step along the couch, look up to see who is watching and then lean against the couch and clap as we all break into applause.  Not once have I heard, “Don’t lean against the couch,” or “Stand up straighter.”  We have all been superb supporters.

It's easy being a superb supporter of a ten-month old, but not so easy as they get older.  Elle is seven and loves Nutella sandwiches.  The only thing she loves more is making her own Nutella sandwich.  I have counter tops with speckles.  They hide everything, until you put your hand on it.  Between Nutella and honey, Elle isn’t getting much applause.

Hadley practices her piano at our house after school most days.  The girl has one volume, and it is fortissimo.  For those of you who never signed up for band or piano lessons that means very loud.  My kitchen/living area is open, so we are all in it together.  Hadley does get applause when she is finished.

I guess it’s all part of learning.  When the applause wanes and you’re seven, you start trying to get more Nutella on the bread and less on the countertop.  Hadley is toning it down some so conversation is possible.  And when all is said and done Morgan will walk, Elle will leave a clean kitchen and Hadley will play something fantastic at my funeral.  The Good Life happens when we all do our best to be superb supporters along the way.

Thank you
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