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Grandparents Only

Jan 08, 2024 11:55AM ● By Gramma Dot

I take supplements.  My vertical day starts with supplements and ends with supplements.  I brush my teeth right after crunching a Vitamin C tablet.  Calcium for my bones.  Areds for my eyes.  B12 for energy.  D3 for muscles.  It is just part of the routine.  The routine we older folk settle into trying to scratch out a few more healthy years on this planet.  I am not alone when it comes to supplements.

When Tam, Grandma Red and I do BK Saturday, Tam and mom typically take a tissue filled with pills out of their pockets and consume them while enjoying their breakfast croissant.  I try to get my pills in before I leave the house. Brent keeps his supplements at hand and only struggles with the tiny baby aspirin that somehow slip through his fingers on a regular basis.  He’s improving his fine-motor skills right along with the supplement in-take.

Bryan Johnson, the Project Blueprint anti-aging guy, is 45 and takes 61 supplements a day. He touts he has “near perfect whole body health markers,” based on measures of his biofluids, among other things.  He claims to have slowed the aging process by 31 years and his inflammation levels are 66% below an average 10-year-old. *  I guess his supplements work, along with lots of exercise, vegetables and going to bed by 8:30 each night.  Now, I can’t afford the two million he spends annually for doctors, health tests, monitoring, and supplements to manage his biological clock, but I can and do try to supplement based on my blood work and doctor recommendations.

So, what are you doing to keep everything going?  Maybe your friends know best.  Maybe your doctor knows best.  Maybe you just know what you need.  You must decide, but if there is a way to keep healthier longer, I say, “Give it a shot.”  You can’t just do the supplements.  Don’t forget the vegetables, exercise and sleep.  

What’s the last thing I do every night while I’m still vertical?  Take my supplements.  And because there are perks when you try to do what’s right, I always know what day it is.  It’s right there on the pill box lid.  It’s a Good Life! 

*; FortuneWell; “Tech exec who ‘trashed’ his body for 23 years now spends $2 million a year to reverse the damage.”

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