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Mayor’s Youth Council 

Donation Closet

By: Karlee Palmer and Mathilde Dickerson

Malad City’s Mayor’s Youth Council is a newly founded organization run by students and Mayor Joan Hawkins with 10 members and two advisors (Elizabeth Kent, Ashlyn Jacobsen). The officers are as follows: Mathilde Dickerson - Chairman, Aubree Palmer - Co-Chairman, Kolton Cox - Public Relations, Aubrey Corbett - Secretary, Adilyn Schow - Historian. The purpose of the Mayor’s Youth Council is to get the youth of Malad involved in service projects, volunteer work, local government, and to make them aware of the way the city works and how they can make positive changes. Members of the Youth Council participate in City Council meetings, volunteer independently or as part of the city, set up booths at various local events, among many more.

The main project which the members of the Mayor’s Youth Council are participating in this year is the organization of a Donation Closet at Malad High School. The plan for this Donation Closet is to provide a space where students can anonymously take various items, such as clothes, food, hygiene products, and bedding, under complete anonymity. Whether they are low-income students or if there is an emergency at school and someone may need access to something we can give them, we want to provide any help we can to the members of Malad High. The Donation Closet is not yet set up but more details regarding the usage and location of the closet will be announced soon. 

For the time being, any donations will be accepted starting this week, with organized donation drives throughout the year. To get started, we will be happy to take any donations possible, whether it is food, clothes, bedding, hygiene products, or shelves for the organization of the closet. Any monetary donations will be used to purchase items for the Donation Closet. For more information about donations, questions, or for students interested in becoming part of the organization, contact Mathilde Dickerson by email at [email protected], or by phone at (208)-589-9652.

Soccer Article

By: Bella 

McCullough & 

Kaycee Venable

We played American Falls on Aug. 29, 2023. We did great compared to previous years playing them. We scored three goals, those three goals were made by Jaezie Jenson, Kaycee Venable, and Bayli Nesbit. We held our defensive line better than ever, our forward players played fast and had amazing touches. American Falls won with a score of 11-3, but we tried our hardest and noticed much improvement. We also had a game in Firth on September 2, 2023. We tied 3-3 and did very well. The goals were scored by Kaycee Venable, Kencie Miller, and Bayli Nesbit. “We learned a lot of things we needed to work on,” Makiya Shulz (a junior player). Our offensive line did great with keeping the ball on the opposing side and got plenty of shots on goal. Our next game will be on September 5, 2023 in Sugar Salem, let’s pray for a win.

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