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Kelly Neal explains the process of making a blanket ladder

Exit 13 Antique Show

The Fall Exit 13 Antique Show was held at the Event Center over the weekend.  This marks the fourth such show since the Event Center opened, and brought in a number of vendors with a range of antiques, collectibles, and other materials.  As always, knives, belt buckles, western/farm life antiques and crafts were popular items.  The antique show is becoming something of a signal of the change of seasons, scheduled as it is for very last weeks of the astronomical summer.

Edith’s Collective 

Harvest Open House

Another event held of the weekend anticipated the coming season as well, Edith’s Collective’s Harvest Open House.  “It’s the start of the season,” Kelly Neal explained.  “Or time to get ready for it, anyway.  So, we’re getting ready for Fall—all things Fall!”  The project participants undertook over the weekend was the construction of “blanket ladders,” which are essentially modular ladders that can serve both storage and decorative functions with regard to many people’s drape of choice for the season, blankets.  “It is cozy season, after all,” Neal reminded Jennifer Hagen, busy assembling her ladder.  “This has been wonderful,” Hagen said, seeing the project come nearer to finished.      

Will Graham ‘Look Up Tour

The Victory Baptist Church in Malad has chartered a Salt Lake Express Bus to take people to and from Idaho Falls on September 24 at 2:00 p.m. for the “Look Up Tour” featuring Will Graham and the Billy Graham Evangelist Association.  The bus will leave from the high school parking lot at 2:00 p.m.  The church needs those interested to RSVP before September 19 to Pastor Jack Harwell at 208-766-4288 or 208-766-6070.  The trip will involve a comfortable ride there and back, a lunch, and a chance to share in this momentous event with others.  You are asked to simply show up and enjoy yourself!

This national tour of one of the largest and most significant evangelical ministries in the country will include talented singers to accompany the message of hope that is more than appropriate in these trying times.

The bus holds fifty-six people, and the organizers would like to fill every seat with people if possible.  The event is free, and will be one to remember forever.  Anyone interested in attending the event is encouraged to contact the Victory Baptist Church.

Harvest Festival planned for next month

It’s almost time for this year’s Heritage Harvest Festival at Heritage Square in Samaria.  This festival is full of fun for everyone with games, contests, and activities.  This year, the festival will be on two weekends.  If you can’t make it on October 13 and 14th, you’ll get another chance on the 20th and 21st!  Price for admission is $6 a person and $20 for families.

As part of the festival we are calling for entrants into a talent show.  The talent show will start the first weekend. Kids 12 and under will perform in the preliminaries on Friday the 13th.  Then Saturday the 14th, we will have preliminaries for teens and adults.  There is a $10 entry fee to participate.  Participation includes $5 off at the gate (including the family rate).  Only the first 20 applicants for each age block will be admitted.

The best kids acts will perform in Finals on Friday the 20th.  The best teens and adults acts will perform in Finals on Saturday the 21st.   Then on Saturday evening we will have an encore performance and cash prizes will be awarded to our top 3 kids and as well as the top 3 teens/adults.  Cash prizes will be dependent upon the number of entrants.  To enter, please contact NeCole Tracy at (801)513-0961.

Another competition you might enjoy is our Pumpkin Walk.  If you enter a display in the Pumpkin Walk you will receive $5 off your gate fee (including the family rate), and a chance to win a $100 prize for the best display. To sign up for a Pumpkin Walk display or for more information please contact Travis Whipple at (208) 917-5051.

Ace Hardware open for business

 If it has looked to you like the town’s new Ace Hardware is open, that’s because it is.  While the store is planning a Grand Opening the weekend before Thanksgiving in November, the store has been “soft open” since the last week in August, giving employees the ability to begin serving farmers in need of the feed operations, as well as work out the kinks in the Ace store and finish stocking inventory.

The group of about thirteen employees has been learning the ropes and the inventory as people have begun making their way inside the bright new building.  Assistant manager Marlis Smith-Dobler said that things had been busy ever since they opened, with many customers a day—some just looking around at the new store, and most making purchases.  “I had one gentleman tell me he was just looking around.  A half hour later, I saw the same guy in a different part of the store and he was still at it—just looking around!” she said.  “There’s definitely a lot to see.”  

The range of products is display already is impressive, with more on their way.  “We’ve got fishing, camping and hunting supplies—even some archery things.  Kitchen items, building and project materials.  Paint.  All kinds of farm equipment.  One thing we’re still putting in is a lot of barbeque stuff,” explained store manager Enoch Ward. In the future, the store will also include an outdoor greenhouse and yard supply area, as well as a workwear section.  The two story silo portion of the building, constructed in honor of family patriarch Larry Ward, will contain all types of work clothes, including gloves, boots, hats, and similar items.

One thing that everyone agreed on was the thing people had been most excited about.  “I’ve had nothing but positive comments from people about the selection and the options that this brings to town, especially the firearms section!”  The gun counter is well stocked with a range of rifles, shotguns, and pistols.  “Absolutely,” Smith-Dobler said.  “We’ve been selling them every day.  There haven’t been guns for sale in town for years, and people have been really excited that we have them.”

Now that the store is open for business, its hours will be 7:30 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.  While a separate entity, the Feed and Seed operation is also open at the location.  The facility also hosts 12 RV storage units, which are 40’ by 15’ in size, and offer full service for $300 a month.  By the time of the Grand Opening in November, propane, sewer services, and water for RVs will be available as well.  The store can be contacted at 208-766-2236 for any questions.

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