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Grandparents Only

Sep 12, 2023 03:23PM ● By Gramma Dot

Andy Rooney was always my favorite part of 60 Minutes.  His distinctive face and unique voice set a perfect tone for his satirical messages, which he packed into just a few minutes each Sunday night.  Recently, I was perusing some of his “famous” quotes when I came across, “The best classroom in the world is at the feet of an elderly person.”  Really?  Maybe this quote is just satire. I don’t remember gathering up gems of wisdom at anyone’s feet or for that matter from anyone’s words.  My Grandparents’ lives, however, did teach me a thing or two.  

Grandma Thorpe loved visiting.  Grandpa Thorpe loved naps.  Grandma Bloxham loved to read.  Grandpa Bloxham loved horses.  Visiting, napping, reading and horses.  I’ve picked up on two of the four and anticipate napping joining the list soon.

After thinking about this for a while, I may need to do some changing.  I spend a lot of time dispensing important points like “Hairbrushes belong in the bathroom,” but the hairbrushes continue to be everywhere except in the bathroom.  “Shoes go in the box by the door,” but I still trip over shoes on the rug and throughout the house.  Those girls have learned something though, because if I ever leave my shoes anywhere except in the box or in my closet, I hear about it immediately.  I guess what I’ve taught them is to yap about needed change.  

So, Mr. Rooney, I’m going to quit yapping.  In fact, I’m trying right now to remember anything specific you ever said or yapped about.  I can’t, I have to look up your quotes.  But I do remember you were always there, and your words made me smile.  That seems to be a good use of words…making others smile, and I like the idea of being there.  Both important elements of the Good Life.  Brushes and shoes are just things to yap about.

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