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BLM Mustang program includes Malad trainers

Addysin Murdock with the mustang she trained, Vegas

The BLM/Mustang program is for 4H youth 14 and up. They are able to obtain a yearling mustang to train for 90 days. The object is to gentle and train the mustang to be able to complete an in hand trail course at the Eastern Idaho State Fair. The Mustangs are then up for auction/adoption the next day. The money from the auction goes back to the club with the $25 adoption fee going back to the BLM. In the Mustang Wrangler Club the money goes back to the trainer.

The mustangs are brought by the BLM to a designated area to be picked up. 10 kids will be able to view them and compile a list ordered from first pick to last. As their names are drawn they choose their mustang. The mustangs are then brought home to begin the 90 days training. Training starts slowly with getting used to the 4H member. Feeding, watering, and just hanging out closer and closer to the mustang until they can get the first touch. Once that is done things start moving a little faster, touching, then haltering. Once the trainer is able to catch the mustang and start moving it around in a controlled space then they start introducing new objects and more obstacles.  Addysin Murdock introduced a tarp, exercise ball, pool noodles, a homemade trail course and even a T rex costume. The Bond and trust grows through conquering these things. 

In the eyes of the organizers and participants, a good outcome would be to successfully and safely complete the trail course.

Chaseon Kirkbride, who is involved as a parent (his daughter trained a mustang last year) and a leader with the program says, “As a leader I have really enjoyed this program. Watching the confidence of both the horse and 4H member grow and the bond between them is a great thing.”

Addysin Murdock, participating in this year’s event, says, “I have done horse 4H with my horse (Noodles) for 4 years. The mustang (Vegas) took on a different challenge. I enjoyed working with him and bonding with him and just being silly with him. It was a lot of dedication and a lot of work but it was worth it.”

The Mustang in hand trail challenge is Friday September 1 at 11 a.m. in the Infield East Arena at the Eastern Idaho State Fair. The adoption will be the next day Saturday, September 2 at 11:30 a.m. in the Grandstand Arena.

All the mustangs will be available for viewing in the Light Horse barn on both days. 

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