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Goat show

Judge Quinton Zilles began the goat show by remarking that “This is the largest class of dairy goats I’ve judged, so good work to everyone for getting involved in this event.  It’s good to see it so strong in Oneida County.”

The judging began with the Showmanship Class.  In the Senior/Intermediate class, Abbie Cox, Kendrey Bywater, Isabella Snow, Shaylynn Snow, Kelty Thomas, Kenna Thomas, Vivian Young, William Whipple all showed their goats.  Zilles had the kids take their goats around the arena, then stand with them while he asked a series of questions, such as “What breed is your goat?  Has she kidded?  How many kids has she had?  What can you tell me about this goat’s ears?” and so on.  

As happens, some of the animals were less interested in being led around and examined.  “Some of these goats remind us that goats have minds of their own,” Zilles said.  In the Calss, Abbie Cox was awarded first place, Kendrey Bywater took second, and Kelty Thomas took third.

The Junior participants were Tayvia Bywater, Saigelyn Cox, Jaxon Snow, Casey Young, Caroline Whipple.  Saigelyn Cox took first, Tayvia Bywater took second, and Caroline Whipple third.

In the All-around, the judge remarked on the handlers skills with their goats and interaction with him and the goats themselves.  “Attentiveness to the goat and to the judge is very important,” he said.  “And remember to smile!” The judge had the participants switch to handle each other’s goats.  “Sometimes a goat will act great with one person and not another, so I like to get a clearer sense of how much of an impact that has.”  Abbie Cox was named the Grand Champion, and Kendrey Bywater was named the Reserve Champion, just beating out their sisters Saigelyn Cox and Tayvia Bywater.  “Listen older sisters,” Zilles said.  “Your younger sisters are coming for you.  Age and wisdom only go so far,” he laughed.

In the Quality Class, the Milking Doe event was held first.  Participating were Abbie Cox, William Whipple, Tayvia Bywater, Kendrey Bywater, Saigelyn Cox, Isabella Snow, Shaylynn Snow, Caroline Whipple, and Casey Young.  Abbie Cox took first, followed by Caroline Whipple, and Kendrey Bywater.  “First place embodies a lot of the feminine strength and quality we look for in a milking goat.  Second was not really extreme in any one area, but a solid animal all the way through.  Third would have probably won if she’d had kids, but in a milking class I think that’s an important part of the class.”  

The Doling class had three participants, who finished with Kelty Thomas winning first, Kenna Thomas in second, and Jaxon Snow in third.


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