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4-h Demonstrations

Samantha Schrenk, Kristal Ford, and Cassidy Schrenk all won their categories in the Demonstration event

This year’s Demonstrations were judged by Mayor Joan Hawkins.  The event is an expanded version of the presentation that is required for each 4-H project.  The presentation involves visual elements, practical demonstrations, and public speaking skills.  The Demonstration competition also includes a cash prize for winners, which went to all three competitors this year, as they each represented different age categories.

Kristal Ford, who competed in the State Fair in this event last year, began the demonstration rounds.  It is her sixth and final year in Horse 4-H.  Ford’s presentation was on the  heart and cardiovascular system of the horse.  Using two buckets to demonstrate the relative capacity of the horse’s circulatory system, Kristal explained the parts of the horse anatomy involved, as well as ways to determine the relative health of the horse’s system.  She also discussed the common diseases and conditions that can affect heart health in horses.

As part of the presentation, presenters were asked questions by the judge, the audience, and the Extension Officer.  Kristal responded to questions about heart rate, and some of the anatomical features she had mentioned.

Samantha Schrenk, representing the intermediate category, gave a presentation on horses and their tack.  She presented some rules to remember when cleaning and maintaining tack (for instance, “leather is skin.  Don’t put anything on it you wouldn’t want on your skin").

Samantha also presented a series of routine safety checks to be conducted on the equipment, going over all the essential parts of the tack layout.  She used a saddle to demonstrate techniques for cleaning and checking the condition.

Samantha answered questions about places to look for wear, which parts of the tack were likely to wear out first, and different cleaning products.

Representing the Junior category, Cassidy Schrenk gave a presentation on common sheep diseases which affect livestock.  She overviewed some of the main culprits, and explained ways to prevent and mitigate them.

Judge Hawkins praised all three girls for the quality of their presentations, and advised them to take some pointers from Kristal, who has had a lot of practice with the event.  “I think you all did an excellent job,” she said.  Cash prizes for the contest will be given out in September at the annual FFA/4-H awards show.

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