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County Commissioners meeting

Road issue on 300 North

Greg Friedli spoke to the council about a road on 300 N. from 5400 W. to 5800 W.  Friedli explained that the road in question had been originally given over to the county as long as it was to be maintained.  The original property owners contend that the road has not been maintained by the county.  Friedli and the other property owners along the road proposed to maintain the road themselves in terms of weed control and pothole maintenance.  The road would be converted into a dead end road which would not have access to 5800 W.  There are two additional routes to 5800, which are safer, in the view of the property owners.  The commissioners explained that in order to change the status of the road, a public hearing process would need to be scheduled in order to explore the validation or dismissal of the road as a county road.  

Airport Sealant Bids

Two bids were received by the Airport Board for sealant on the runway surface.  The smaller of the two bids was determined to not have met the specifications outlined in the call for bids.  There are several grants outstanding that would help to defray the costs of the runway sealing.  The Airport Board requested to be placed on next meeting’s agenda for the approval signatures for grant applications.  The runway project will need to be completed this summer, regardless of the success of the grant process.  Anderson Asphalt was awarded the bid for the striping and sealant project for $127,357 as the only qualifying bid.

Department of 

Agriculture MOU for boat check station

The Dept of Agriculture is assisted by the Oneida County Sheriff’s department at the rest area watercraft check station.  Off duty officers aid the process by ensuring that boats are diverted to the station.  The Ag Department provides up to $66,000 in funding to pay officers to provide this service.  This works out to up to 35 hours a week for assistance.  Commissioner Jeppsen motioned to accept the MOU, and the motion was passed.

DMV administrative fee increase for titles and 


Kathleen Atkinson spoke to the commission about raising the cost of Titles from $14 to $20, and Registration from $4.50 to $5.00.  Atkinson reported that many of the titles are to registration purchasers from outside the county, while the county is responsible for the salaries of those who work in the DMV.  A hearing will need to be held in order to raise the fees in this case, as the addition would be a new county administration fee.  The DMV processed over 2,600 titles last year, and 6,200 registrations.  A motion to approve a hearing on the topic was made and approved.

Workman’s Comp Case

The commission moved not to approve workman’s comp claim 2021-03-1925.

Recording and 

financial software update

The county’s current software provider has recommended a new system for financial and recording services.  The costs to update and change the system will double the cost over the next five years.  Lon Colton recommended staying with the current provider, but having them manage the transition to the new software suite.  A motion to have the Clerk’s office remain with Harris Computer Services during the software upgrade was passed.

Fire district; 

development code

Fire Chief John Blaisdell spoke to the commission about how the increased growth in the county has also increased the inspection burden for the Fire Department.  The fully volunteer department is tasked with conducting fire inspections on new buildings.  Blaisdell expressed some anxiety about the potential liability, as well as the time and resource burden on the department.  The idea of some sort of impact fee to provide compensation for an inspector was raised.  The commissioners expressed the opinion that some form of compensation to the fire department was needed, though there was no immediate executive way to do it.  The commission determined to look into the issue, and the Fire Department was also in discussions with other experts in the field.  The increased number of people moving into the valley doesn’t just increase the potential number of fire calls and inspections, but also calls for any number of fire code related issues.

Blaisdell also brought up the fact that the price of fireworks has increased from the cost last year, though the Fire Department’s budget has not.  

Property tax 


Several parcels in Samaria have had tax exemptions made for them.  The issue with the parcels is that the deeds are very old, and the exact ownership has been ambiguous.  The town square parcel was deemed to be taxable, with an Ag exemption.  Samaria Park was deemed to qualify for the tax exemption.  Samaria Spring was described as a wildlife area.  The latter two parcels were approved as tax exempt parcels.  Tax exemption for the Town Square’s tax exempt status was denied.

The Iron Door Playhouse and Oneida Pioneer Museum were both deemed to be charitable organizations that qualified for the tax exemption.

Elevator project 

status update

Chairman Lewis updated the commission on the status of the elevator project.  The elevator has been acquired, but has not been delivered from Salt Lake yet.  Chairman Lewis was confident that the company would be able to install the elevator within the next few weeks.


manager position bid review

There is currently one bid for the construction manager position.  The county is seeking to hire an individual to oversee various construction projects as an on-site manager in order to create a more efficient mechanism for managing the projects which arise during the year.


services—flooding update

Emergency Manager Dan Williams spoke to the commission about issues related to county flooding.  A number of other concerned parties, including the water boards, joined Williams.  Williams reported that water was on the road in several areas, but had not breached the spillways yet.  The Deep Creek spillway was reported to be very close, with water right up to the lip.  It was believed that the cooler weather has slowed the progress of the water into the valley, and essentially prevented a flooding event.  This was helped by much less rain than was predicted over the last week.  The likelihood is that water will top the spillway as the temperatures warm, however.  In the time since the meeting, the Deep Creek spillway was reported to have been breached, though not to a catastrophic level.

A weather representative from the NWS explained that the temperatures will be gradually increasing over the week, up to the 70s and possibly higher by the beginning of next.  The rising temperatures will increase the snowmelt.  

Williams reported that Devil Creek spillway was in good shape, and probably doesn’t pose any danger.  

Citizens were encouraged to use in-town systems in order to decrease the potential for any flooding, though Mayor Hawkins reported that there have been some leaks in town as the water has started flowing.

A flood warning is still in effect for Eastern Idaho due to high flows.

Road and bridge Road Scholar and Master certificates

A motion to accept a lease on a new CAT grader for $48,504 over a five year period was made and passed.

Road Scholar and Road Master certificates were awarded from LHTAC to several individuals.  Dianna Dredge, Ray Davis, Lance Leavitt, and John Thomas all received their awards.

Road Scholar takes 11 classes, and Road Master takes 9 classes.  Ray Davis was awarded Road Scholar, and presented a hat, leatherman, and certificate.  

A Road Scholar certification involves the passage of core classes, CPR training, Road Maintenance, Basic Survey, and other relevant course work.  It generally takes four years to complete.

Lance Leavitt, Dianna Dredge was also awarded the Road Scholar certification, as was John Thomas.

In addition, Dianna Dredge was awarded the Road Master certification, which requires training in additional areas, such as roadway drainage, speed zones, and others. 

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