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Malad Elementary End of Year Program

On Thursday of last week, the students of Malad Elementary School presented their end of year musical program to their classmates and the community.  The program provided a chance for parents to see what kinds of progress their students have made over the year in music and performance.  The program also ushered in the new class of Lighthouse Leaders for the next year, and gave a fond farewell to those leaving.

The Dragon Leader Lighthouse Team is a group of students who are selected as peer leaders for the school, and provide an example, as well as a support team, for other students in the school.  The 2022-2023 team was composed of Kannon Davis, Seth Huckaby, Ira Carter, Sylvie Gleckler, Rose Butler, Hadley Evanson, Asher Brower, Dawson Jones, Sawyer Beutler, Aubry Price, Jocelynn Purdum, Ava Fesler, Jettsen Miller, Riggin Jensen, Wheeler Smith, Tanden Redd, and Joclynn Jackman.  

The incoming Lighthouse team will be composed of Eva Coleman, Thatcher Sweeten, Karmyn Charles, Devin Ball, Alyssa Seamons, Aidyn Weber, Sofia Hess, and Ruxin Smith.  Lighthouse team director Nicole Daniels will be taking part of the year off, so the team size is somewhat smaller in anticipation.  

After a welcome by the outgoing Lighthouse team, the first grade started off the musical festivities with the Malad Elementary School Song and “Big Dreams.”  Over the year, the first grade has been practicing with “boomwhackers,” which are plastic tubes of different sizes that create different tones.  A video demonstrated songs the students had practiced under the direction of Christine Smith.  This year’s first grade teachers were JaLyn Weeks, Tiffany Jones, and Apral Ipsen.

The second graders then took up the mantle with performances of “Follow My Lead” and “SMILE!”.  The second grade teachers for the year were Erin Hawkes, Lydia Jones, and Nanci Ball.  Second grade had worked with bells this year, and performed several Christmas songs by way of video.  

Third grade has been working with a variety of xylophones and other percussion instruments this year.  The third grade teachers were Brent Grote, Leisa Lamb, and Simi Langston.  Third grade performed “We Can Be Leaders,” accompanied by impressive dance and tumbling routines, as well as “Do Your Best.”

Fourth graders were up next, with their recorders in tow.  They have been working on the classic instrument of elementary schools everywhere throughout the year, and performed renditions of “Dixie Cat” and “Vision Groove.”  This year’s fourth grade teachers were Lindsay Waldron, Jordan Cook, and Christie Schow.

Fifth grade had the interesting experience of working with ukuleles this year, which included constant maintenance and tuning.  As a result of the limited number of instruments, the songs were divided between the classes, with Mrs. Allen’s class taking over playing duties on “Good to Be Alive,” Mrs. Bagley’s class taking the reins for “Shake it Off,” and Mrs. Blaisdell’s class finishing it out with “Try Everything.”

As the concert drew to a close, both the fourth and fifth grade classes came together for a performance of “POSITIVE!”

Music in all forms is an excellent way for students to learn memorization, coordination, self-confidence, and a love of self-expression.  Most of the students seemed to be quite energetic in their performances, and sincere in their dedication to the songs.  As music programs decline in many school districts across the country, it is gratifying to see the outcome of this kind of instruction.

Many parents, grandparents, and siblings were on hand for both the morning and evening performances, proud to see how far their students had come in what sometimes seems to be a very short year.

Nicole Daniels was the Dragon Leader Lighthouse Co-ordinator and Backstage Manager.  Christine Smith directed the music, script, and video content.  Lights and technology were handled by Susan Clark, Megan Clark, and Trina Grote.  Auditorium Maintenance was directed by Jeff Richins and Devin Morrison.  Principal Sarah McIntyre and Superintendent Jon Abrams were also on hand for the show.

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