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DYW Torch passed; Alexus Tarbet named DYW 2024

The annual Distinguished Young Women program returned to Malad last Saturday to crown a new Distinguished Young Woman for 2024, taking the mantle from last year’s winner Raegan Smith.  Smith, who went on to be named the first alternate in the State DYW competition, was on hand to give the honor to Alexus Tarbet.  Tarbet will represent Malad at this year’s State event.  Scholarships in a number of categories were given out to each of the participants in an evening during which Malad’s up and coming young women demonstrated their academic strengths, personalities, and talents.

This year’s theme was “Capable,” which, according to DYW Chairman Nicole Daniels “accurately describes these eight girls.  The theme was chosen this year in hopes they would truly believe they are capable now and in the future to achieve their dreams and goals…They truly have the physical and mental power to accomplish great things!”  As the event proceeded, it was clear to all in attendance that each participant represented a very bright and exciting future, and represented the town well.  “To all eight participants, thank you for sharing your talents and goodness with me and those around you.  It has changed my life for the better,” Daniels said.

The event was emceed by 2023 DYW Raegan Smith and her father, City Attorney Dustin Smith, as well as the returning competitors from last year’s competition.  Throughout the course of the evening, several “Forget-me-not” performances were given by last year’s participants, and a number of “Future DYWs” were introduced to the crowd.  Dustin Smith used his qualifications as a lawyer and a gentleman of little hair to entertain the crowd with a combination of lawyer and bald jokes.  

The competition involved several categories, which were judged individually, as well as an overall winner.  

During the Fitness competition, four girls at a time performed a choreographed routine designed to demonstrate strength, endurance, flexibility, and overall physical fitness.  The Fitness portion was worth 15% of the final score. The Finalists were Charli Briscoe, Brynlee Bastian, and Sadie Jensen, who received $225 from Oxford Packing, Hess Pumice, Northern Title, and Subway Malad.  The winner received $325 from Last Mile Wireless. Alexus Tarbet was the winner of the category.

The Talent portion of the contest was worth 20% of the final score.  During the talent segment, each participant displayed one of their many talents, ranging from speaking to dance to music to photography.  Finalists Charli Briscoe, Sarah Beyler, and Rylee Hammer received $225, donated by Allen Drug, Joe and Sandra Thomas, Kathy Hubbard and Shawna Daniels.  The winner, Alexus Tarbet, received $325 from Studio A Dance’s Alicia Seamons and Aliana Schrenk.

The Self-Expression portion of the event, worth 15% of the total, involved each girl responding to an impromptu question about their values, hopes for the future, and strengths.  Although not as physically demanding as the Fitness section, many people find public speaking to be much more difficult, and these girls did a great job with confidence and poise.  Each Finalist—Alexus Tarbet, Rylee Hammer, and Sadie Jensen—was awarded $225, donated by Nell J Redfield Memorial Hospital and Oneida County Clinic, Mike Frandsen of Mountain West Drilling, and Christine, MaCall, and Raegan Smith. The winner, Brynlee Bastian, received $325, from Malad Valley Dental Clinic’s Dr. Ed Thorpe and Dr. Brady Robbins. 

The Interview portion, worth 25% of the total, was conducted before the competition, where each participant sat down with judges to respond to questions in a ten minute interview session.  The Finalists—Brynlee Bastian, Rylee Hammer, and Brookelyn Daniels—were awarded $250, donated by Horsley Funeral Home, J Peak Propane, and Oneida Family Dental.  The winner, Alexus Tarbet, was awarded $350 from Hess Lumber and Home Center.  

The Scholastic portion of the event, worth 25% of the total, was judged on the basis of the students’ performance in school, including academic transcripts and test scores.  This portion was judged by those with experience in the education field.  Finalists Alexus Tarbet, Rylee Hammer, and Brookelyn Daniels each received $250, donated by Ashlee Jensen, Paula Davis, Thomas Electric, Jared and Tina Simpson, Joan Hawkins, and Jenny Rae Hawkins.  The winner, Brynlee Bastian, received $350 from the Oneida Education Foundation.

Additional awards included two “Be Your Best Self” awards, which were given for impressive effort and performance.  The $225 awards were won by Brookelyn Daniels and Sarah Beyler, and donated by Mike and Danece Hess, Kim and Sue Evans, and Rhonda Daniels.

The “Spirit of DYW” award was chosen by the participants themselves, based on the young woman who they felt most inspired by.  That award for $350 was given to Karlee Palmer, and donated by the Dude Ranch Café and Northern Title.  

In the overall competition, the 3rd Alternate was Charli Briscoe, who received a $550 scholarship from Thomas Market.

The 2nd Alternate was Rylee Hammer, who received a $750 scholarship from Hess Lumber and Home Center.

The 1st Alternate was Brynlee Bastian, who received a $950 scholarship from the DYW Committee, and the Malad 4th of July Fun Run.

As the new DYW for 2024, Alexus Tarbet was awarded a $1200 scholarship from the DYW Committee and the 4th of July Fun Run.

The DYW Committee included: Chairman Nicole Daniels, Judges Chairman Pamela Mills, Treasurer Paula Davis, Interview Committee Members Shawna Daniels and Christy Jenkins, Talent Specialist Hailey Sweeten, Scholastic Judges Chairman Nacona Smith, Tabulators Sandra Thomas and Kristi Cockrell, Fundraiser Alaina Schrenk, Fun Run Coordinator Laura DeJong, Light, Sound, and Stage Managers Laurie and Jeff Richins and Tiffany Jones, Be Your Best Self Heidi Kimberling, Girls’ Night and Self Expression Committee members Raegan Smith and Christine Smith, Hair and Makeup Specialist Taber Eliason, Decorations Paula Davis and Ashlee Jensen, Tickets and Programs Candis Schow, Photography Crystal Kimberling, Catering Nikki Schwartz, Admissions Nacona Smith and Maddie Hubbard, Media Specialists Ashlee Jensen and Tylee Skinner, Choreographers Raegan Smith, Rayleigh Barnes, Chelsey Bybee, Whitney McNabb.

The Hostesses for the women during the event were: Gia Haycock, Lisa Willie, Melissa Firth, Hailee Hanks, Terra Ward, Paula Davis, Lacey Clark, and Natalie Reiss.

Additional sponsors (not listed under specific awards), include: Nucor Steel Utah, Mountain States Realty Mary Ann Reel, Kelli Svendsen, Ortho Utah Dr. Bitner and Dr. Higbee, The Gym: Total Health and Fitness, Edith’s Collective, Alaina Schrenk, Jared and Tina Simpson, KC Oil, Scott and Pamela Mills, Amber Garner, Farm Bureau Insurance Kevin Degn, Hailee Hanks, Idaho Real Estate Group Mike and Steve Atkinson, Lynette Price, Megan Price, Pickett Family, R&R Driving School Randy and Lois Willie, Sheldon and Janice Vaughan, Wittman Farms, Frank and Gayle Madsen, Ward Feed and Seed, CWC Construction, Crystal Kimberling Photography, Candis Schow, Heidi Kimberling, Mountain Peak Apparel, Nikki Schwartz, Pamela Mills and Shawna Daniels.

The event’s judges were Chelsey Bybee, Kristi Gaona, Richy Gaona, Bonnie Hoover, Nikelle Purcell, and Jeanie Reeder.

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