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Grandparents Day in Stone

The Stone Elementary teachers, aides and students proudly hosted their annual Grandparents Day Thursday, April 27, inviting family and friends along the Curlew Valley to join them.  Clad in their red, white and blue, the K-3rd grade students performed a patriotic program as well as exhibiting fun new facts they have learned about their country.

   The students began their program by inviting the grandparents, senior citizens, families and friends to join them in singing The National Anthem.  The third grade class then showcased their Presidents of the United States reports, teaching interesting facts about various presidents, including George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Donald Trump, and Barack Obama.  The kindergarten, first and second grade classes together recited a poem that spoke of the important symbolism of the American flag.  The students ended the program by singing the school favorite song, Fifty Nifty United States.  The students performed their program with great pride and energy, their love of country palpable throughout the production.  

 Being in such a remote setting, the Stone Elementary is somewhat of a unique school.  The few staff and students have a close relationship that makes every event, program and activity something that they all are deeply invested in.  On Tuesdays and Thursdays, the school also hosts the Curlew Valley senior citizen lunch where the students and seniors mingle together.  Each senior day, before the students leave for lunch recess and before the seniors are served lunch, a student will lead the group in the Pledge of Allegiance and a senior will offer a prayer over the food.  While there are many things the small school may be without, the very best of this country- patriotism, prayer and community, fills the school every day.

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