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Grandparents Only

By Gramma Dot

“When you’re depressed, for anyone reading this…move.  Move your body.  Because it makes you feel better.  Isn’t that simple?”  --Singer Wynonna Judd

Isn’t that simple?  Well, I guess it is.  I was reading through my AARP magazine and came across this quote from Wynonna and it keeps running through my mind.  Move…isn’t that simple?  Well, maybe not as simple as it used to be.  

The other day, Elle came running in the house and excitedly announced, “I did a flip.  Come see.  It was my very first flip.”  She was euphoric!  We all went outside and watched her flip on the trampoline.  She lands on her behind, but she is working on planting those feet, and she never seems to tire of flipping herself in the air.  

On the other end of the spectrum, we have Grandma Red.  She’s been walking for about 40 years at least four or five times a week.  She had a serious heart attack in 1985, the doctor told her to walk if she wanted to stay alive, and she took him at his word.  She is still walking, and the heart is still beating.  Some mornings she says she would rather stay in bed, but then she remembers, “If you want to live, walk.”  She wants to live for lots of reasons, and right now seeing the Jazz next year is at the top of the list.  She’s walking!

So, moving is simple, it helps you feel euphoric, and it might even keep you alive.  You don’t have to do a flip, you just have to move.  Do it for the Good Life, you’ll feel better…isn’t that simple?

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