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“Peeps Show” takes the stage again

One of the highly anticipated events that heralds spring for the residents of long-term care at the Nell J. Redfield Hospital is the annual “Peep Show.” The Hospital departments compete to see who can create the best displays using the colorful marshmallow Peep chicks and bunnies so popular at Easter.

This year’s competition featured ten displays, including a giant Peeps Mario inspired by the popular video game, a Peeps beauty school, Peeps playing Bingo, a scene from “Charley and the Chocolate Factory” with Peeps as the characters, a Wheel of Peeps with a wheel that really spun, a Peeps race car track, a boxing ring for Peeps and princesses, giant flowers made of Peeps, a Peeps garden, and a Peeps auction house. 

The residents voted for their favorite candy displays. The giant Peeps Mario created by the Hospital Lab received the award for “The Most Peeps Used.” Named “The Funniest” was the Wheel of Peeps created by the Long-Term Care Administrators. The Peeps race car track created by the Malad Clinic was named “Most Creative.” The Peeps beauty school, created by HR Director Paula Davis, received the “Residents’ Choice Award.” The scene from “Charley and the Chocolate Factory” won “Best in Show” and was created by Long-Term Care Activities.

Displayed all day on Tuesday, April 4, in the day room of the Long-Term Care wing of Nell J. Redfield Memorial Hospital, the Peeps displays were also exhibited at the Evening of the Arts on Thursday at Malad High School.

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