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Grandparents Only

Mar 29, 2023 12:57PM ● By Gramma Dot

Elle’s project for Grandparents’ Day was “Kangaroos.”  She came dashing in the door the day she learned what her topic was and immediately began her “research” on everyone’s favorite marsupial.  She is in first grade, and I found it impressive that she was even using the word “research.”  She got a notebook and pencil and started copying “Fun Facts About Kangaroos” which she found on the internet.  I suggested she read first and then write some facts in her own words.  Nope.  She was getting the facts down as fast as she could copy.  She filled three notebook pages before she came up for air.  That was the first night.

Evening two, the illustrating began.  She was being very careful to get every detail of the anatomy which was interesting.  She erased, she drew, she erased, she drew and finally she colored.  These kangaroos were authentic.  She had three pictures and two of them were identical.  I suggested it might be more interesting if the pictures were all different.  Nope.  She wanted two to be alike except “one had a little more reddish color on the kangaroo, which makes it different.”  I couldn’t tell the difference, but my eyes are old.

So far, my suggestions had fallen on deaf ears.  Then on evening three, Elle started putting the tri-fold board together.  She did let me help with the title.  She typed up a couple of short paragraphs on habitat and marsupials.  I showed her how to print and then, my phone rang.  My attention moved to the phone, and I moved into another room.  About five minutes into my conversation, I heard a scream, “Elle is wasting paper!”  This from her sister, who suddenly became concerned about conservation.  Sure enough, the printer was spitting multiple copies of the marsupial paragraph while Elle was frantically trying to shut it down.  Ha, I’m needed!  I canceled the print job and the papers quit coming.  The board was soon ready to take to school for Grandparents’ Day.

This simple project illustrated what we Grandparents go through.  Our suggestions usually aren’t appreciated, but we better stay close for when the emergency hits.  And about Grandparents’ Day, well…. “Kangaroos” was an impressive board, even with identical drawings!  Life is Good!

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