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Sen. Kelly Anthon, District 27

To all of my friends and neighbors in Oneida County:

It seems like it has been a long winter.  Looking at the weather forecast, however, I have hope for Spring!  I also have hope that the Idaho Legislature is winding down.  I have often joked (halfway) that Idahoans are safer when the Legislature is not in session.  

Before the session ends, however, I believe there are still important things to get done.  First and foremost, we still need to pass a balanced budget as required by the Idaho Constitution.  Additionally, I have personally worked to advance eight pieces of legislation.  As the process has moved forward, some of those bills have stalled and others have been successful.  The legislative process is slow and deliberative; it is meant to carefully and slowly analyze and debate bills before creating laws that affect Idaho families.  This process is often frustrating, but it helps maintain a balance of powers that is critical to good government.  Sometimes it takes years for a piece of legislation to be properly vetted and get the support it needs on the floor of the Senate.

As always, I try very hard to be a voice for rural Idaho and agriculture – the people and interests I represent in Oneida County.  As property tax solutions are sought, I am working constantly to make sure that our small towns, family farms, and residents are treated fairly.  I am confident that we can get to property tax relief this year.  

As always, if there are issues or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact me. 


Senator Kelly Anthon

Email: [email protected]

Tel: (208) 332-1327

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