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Congratulations to CNA Graduates!

CNA: L to R : Kaysha Beck, McKenzie Hardy, Brylee Clark, Riley Walton, Becca Ward, Brynlee Bastian, Katie Allen, Miley Palmer, Riglee Peterson, Baylor Bean

A number of CNA students have passed their state examinations and become certified as Nursing Assistants.  Nurses and Nursing Assistants are integral parts of the health care system, and in demand across the country as demands for quality, trained individuals increase in every sector of the modern health care industry.  The CNA program continues an enormously successful tradition of graduating highly skilled young people.  It is often an essential step into the competitive world of health care jobs.

Rachel Madsen, the program’s instructor, said “congratulations to this year's CNA Graduates! All of the students passed both their written and skills exams to become certified as nursing assistants in the state of Idaho. In one semester, students were able to complete the book work, skills training, and the clinical hours needed to prepare to pass their exams and become health professionals.  Many of these students already have jobs working at Nell J Redfield Nursing Home and are gaining valuable patient care experience that is helping them not only earn money for future schooling but also build their resumes so they are more likely to be accepted into competitive health careers programs.”

Health Care, and specifically Nursing, have been noted as the fastest growing sector of the U.S. economy over the last several decades.  Training programs are designed to provide technical education to students interested in the field that allow them to be immediately work-ready.    

“Because students are taking advantage of this program in high school, they are able to get certified at no cost to them. Once students graduate, they will pay over $600 to become certified.  Some of these students are looking to go into the health care field while others just know that a certification such as this will enable them to get a good paying job while going to school. CNAs are in high demand throughout the country and most employers are happy to work around schedules for students attending college.”  

Hesston Harrison, a Senior who took the class last year and has worked at the nursing home for over a year now said, "Working as a CNA has opened my eyes to what I do and don't like about healthcare. It has been one of the best experiences of my life, even when I don't want to go to work, I still leave the shift happy knowing that I helped as much as I did that day."

Madsen would also like to express her gratitude to the nursing home for its continued support of the program, and being so welcoming to the students as they do their clinical rotations.  Practical experience is of course the most important part of training in any health care field.

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