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“Emperor’s New Clothes” plays over weekend

The Missoula Children’s Theatre presented its second performance in two years in the Malad Valley, as over 60 local students performed in this year’s production of “The Emperor’s New Clothes” over the weekend.  

On Saturday, Jan 28, the Missoula Children's Theatre and local students who had auditioned and practiced for the performance over the last several weeks presented an original musical adaptation of the Hans Christian Andersen classic, based on the classic story of the ruler whose eyes have been blinded by flattery and insincerity. 

Playing the title character of the Emperor was local student Ira Carter. Other featured performers included Tyker Hamilton as ManyPenny, Ava Fesler as Royal Scholar Roxy, Rudy as Lillie Kraask, and Asher Brower as Royal Scholar Red. The Kings were Jace Call, Tandon Redd, Ruxin Smith, Ethan Richard, and the Queens were Rose Butler, Draylyn Jones, Lyla Reel, Ali Hanks. The Money Council will be Dawson Jones, Bentley Teeples, Mariah Price, Rickell Call, Luke Allen, Liam Atkinson, Herber Johnson, Bryten Bastian. Gem was Karmyn Charles while the Royal Jewelers were Jaylee Johnson, Jocelyn Purdum, Ashlynn Stuart, Maggie Schow, Haylen Kimberling

Boots was Addie Brower and the Royal Cobblers are Ambria deJong, Taysem Redd, Jace Seevers, Zachary Palmer, Logan Richard. The Royal Hatters Dax Beutler, Thatcher Sweeten, Avery Daniels, Colt Price were led by Nash Naylor as Lid. The Royal Tailors were played by Rhyze Anderson, Wesley Asay, Zaria Hamilton, Londyn Jones, Eva Coleman.  Charlotte Teeples was Stitch. The Royal Silkworms were played by Brayden Halajian, Hunter Clark, Beckham Jones, Mikayla Thorpe, Lexi Crowther, Jack Coleman, Charlie Blackner, Hadlie Evans, Camden Crowther, Gunner Clark, Josephine Jones, Adilee Daniels, Liberty Charles, Piper Lewis, Taggart Smith, and Wynn Werk. Sofia Hess has served as Assistant Director throughout the week.

Lorna Hess was the accompanist for the performance, and Jeff Richins was the lighting and sound director.

This year’s directors were Logan Smart and Lillie Kraack.  In addition to directing and overseeing the performance itself, the two hosted a number of workshops during the week to bring the ins and outs of dramatic performance to the students who were directly involved in the production, as well as those who were not.  Both the audition, rehearsal, and performance aspects of the play required a great deal of those students who were involved, including hours of after school rehearsal and memorization.  MCT is committed to incorporating the arts into school curricula as part of its mission.

The MCT is a nationally recognized theatre company which believes in bringing a educational theatre experience to small towns, where students are encouraged to participate in the full process of producing and performing an involved production in order to learn the basics of acting, costume and set design, and other important elements of professional productions.

The Missoula Children's Theatre residency in Malad was brought to town by the Malad Elementary Parent Teacher Organization with support from Hess Pumice Products. 

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