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Stone Elementary Christmas Program

It was a very merry, Disney Christmas for the Stone Elementary students, teachers, parents and friends as they celebrated this Christmas season.  Tuesday, December 20, the students and staff performed their original Christmas program of merry Christmas tunes found amidst their favorite Disney stories.

Jack Skellington and Sally, played by Tucker Velasco and Annie Alder, asked the classic question from The Nightmare Before Christmas, “What’s this?!” as they saw the twinkling lights, snowy scenes and Christmas celebrations.  Characters from The Descendants, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, The Lion Guard and Frozen, as well as Disney’s Princesses, the Grinch and Cindy-Lou-Who, stepped up to tell what they knew about Christmas fun.

The Descendants, children of Disney’s most evil villains sang of how despite wanting to be bad, the spirit of Christmas brings the good out of even the most mischievous.  The safari animals of The Lion Guard sang about Christmas on the savanna and even though there is never snow, they still look forward to seeing what Santa will bring them.  Elsa, Anna, and Olaf dreamt of frozen fun that comes with snow like, of course, building a snowman.  Cindy-Lou-Who shared what Christmas is like in Who-Ville with a mean one like the Grinch along with a handful of other festive Disney Christmas carols.

Starring in the show were The Descendants played by David Oseguera, Seeley Booth, Caleb Smith and Lucy Bird. The Disney Princesses were played by Tanzi Eliason as Cinderella, Raylee Daniels as Snow White and Melissa Oseguera as Jasmine.  The Lion Guard was played by Graydee Godfrey, Wade Eliason, Brigg Daniels and Jett Lyon.  From Frozen, Abby Smith played Elsa, Camilla Robel played Anna and Rhett Velasco played Olaf.  Hudson Lyon played the Grinch while Aaliyah Wilcock played Cindy-Lou-Who.

The fun program was brought all together by the Stone Elementary staff, working for months to write the parts, teach the songs and gather costumes for the students.  Their hard work paid off with the exciting and entertaining performance for a packed crowd of family, friends and neighbors.  Once the program was out of the way, the teachers and students alike looked forward to their well earned Christmas break.

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