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Firemans Ball 2022

The 101st annual Firemans Ball was held at the Oneida County Event Center over the weekend, following the Banquet to recognize the Fireman of the Year and retiring fireman.  The event is a highlight of the holiday season, with local volunteers and their supporters meeting to wear their finest, dance, and enjoy each other’s company.  

The night was supported by the Rough Stock Band, who provided the music.  The band, led by Harry Sherman, played a range of country, classic rock, and pop music over the course of the night, allowing for a mix of slow dancing and upbeat numbers.  Chey Wilson and Carrie Coombs stationed the bar for the night, sponsored by the American Legion.  Food was provided by Swaffles and Cream, a new food truck in Malad that features “waffles on a stick” as well as a variety of other treats.  Krishelle and Jason Smith are the driving force behind the operation, which is hoping to expand once the weather turns in the new year.

The Firemans Ball is a chance for the local volunteer fire department to celebrate the year’s accomplishments and milestones.  “It’s definitely our biggest fundraiser of the year,” Fire Chief Johnny Blaisdell said.  “It’s where a lot of our money comes from for things like new shirts, hats, and equipment.”  

In addition to being a primary fundraising event, the ball is also one of the county’s biggest parties of the year.  “It’s always a great time.  There’s no other event in Malad like it—you can show up for food, and dancing, and have a drink if you want.  It’s definitely something we love doing.”

This year’s retirees include: Lynn Price, who served from March 1988 to January 2022; Geoff Green, who served from November 200 to January 2022; Casey Woodmancy, who served from May 2012 to March 2022; and Jerry Thomas, who served from March 2006 to June 2022.

John Blaisdell was honored for serving ten years.

The Fireman of the Year was awarded to Ryon Owens.  When asked about the award, Johnny Blaisdell explained, “Ryon is always one of the first ones to the station when the call goes out.  He’s always doing work on any equipment that needs to be repaired.  He always stays until the end of whatever we’re doing, and he’s just a good dude.”

Raffle tickets sold in support of the event also resulted in a number of prize winners over the course of the evening.  “Hey, everyone likes to win prizes, right?” Johnny Blaisdell said.  Prizes were either purchased by the Fire Department or donated by local supporters.

Sonny Blaisdell won the gun safe safe and mystery rifle.  Anderson Livestock won the 6.5 Creedmore rifle.  Ceylon Reeder won the Jackpot trip and Marla McClellan won the Wendover trip.  Sandy Facer has been arranging the trip donations for 28 years.  Brenda Thomas was the winner of the originally crafted bell donated by Doug Adams.  Jason Smith won the cooler.  John Williams won the amazing quilt created by Carrie Hess.  Garen Atkinson won the binoculars donated by Kent’s Market in Tremonton.