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Oneida County Ambulance receives new equipment

The Oneida County Ambulance (OCA) is continuously working to improve their knowledge, skills and equipment as they serve friends, neighbors and travelers within Oneida County.  Doing so can be costly to purchase new and up to date equipment, but through various grants and donations, the EMTs have obtained exciting new tools that just might make the difference in saving lives.

Through Oneida County ARPA funds and Idaho State EMS grants, the OCA has recently purchased several LUCAS devices, mechanical chest compression systems.  These devices will be used in times when patients require CPR and will be able to provide steady and consistent compressions regardless as to what is happening around the patient.

There are moments when moving and transporting a patient to definitive care that it can be difficult to perform adequate compressions.  Times like moving a patient down stairs, onto a stretcher or into the ambulance.  Even doing compression inside an ambulance can be difficult depending on the road ways.  The LUCAS device provides automated compressions that will continue to be effective as a patient is moved through the various stages of transport.

The seamless, non-stop quality compressions will provide the greatest outcome for patients in a very scary situation.  Because the LUCAS device can provide consistent compressions from the scene to definitive care and through diagnosis and treatment in the hospital, there is a much greater chance of reviving a patient and for that patient to have good neurological functions after.

 Performing CPR whether on scene, in the ambulance or in the hospital can cause back pain and injury to even the most seasoned EMTs and nurses.  The LUCAS devices completely eliminates the risk of injury to caregivers and allows them to focus their efforts on other lifesaving measures.  

The Oneida County EMTs have taken to studying the devices and learning to use them for when the situation requires.  During their most recent monthly training, the OCA members worked through the various situations and how they would use their new devices from the menial tasks of changing batteries to placing the device on the patient to moving the patient while the device was working.

The  equipment can be used for anyone that simply can fit in the LUCAS device.  The EMTs found that the device can be used on young adolescent patients to even large barrel chested patients.  While the EMTs never wish for a situation that requires such intense care, they know the reality is that someone will need CPR and they are grateful for equipment to help as many patients as possible.

New and improved technology and equipment isn’t only a win for the OCA but for everyone the department assists.  Oneida County residents can take pride in their local EMTs and the care that they give, even in the most dire of situations.  The training and equipment the OCA has received is nothing but top notch allowing their friends and neighbors confidence that when they need help, they will have the very best. 

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