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Haunted Theater at the IronDoor Playhouse

This past weekend The IronDoor Playhouse presented Haunted Theater. A horrifying tour through dungeons and passageways filled with terror and death! 

Directed by Ada Campbell, her team created a multi-level adventure for all ages. 

The main level of the theater was turned into a kid- friendly, spooky adventure with trick or treating stations throughout. Perfect for smaller children, and those who don't wish to be terrified. Beginning in a cornfield, guests proceeded past a ghost town, then a cemetery, where they crossed a bridge over a swamp, and into a ferry forest. From here they entered the grand opera house and were delighted by a scene from phantom, a mommy in her tomb, Dr. Frankenstein and his monster, passing into a haunted attic leading through a bat filled cave. Emerging into pirates cove, they then ended their adventure in Diagon Alley. 

Guests who wished to experience the terror of the basement were then directed back through the adventure to the creepy stairs leading downward. We don't want to give it all away, but in the basement, gutsy adventurers saw scenes such as a haunted nursery, a blood covered hallway, a mad scientist in his lab, and much more! Filled with the screams of tortured souls, lots of fog and flashing lights, the basement is not for the faint of heart. 

Cast and Crew consisted of: Director Ada Campbell. Assistant directors: Jeni Sperry (who designed most of the main level adventure), Travis and Donna Whipple, Shannon Worrell, and Dalton White. Our main level cast includes: Kaleigh Worrell, Doris Young, William Whipple, Maren Sperry, Caroline Whipple, Ella Sperry, Jaxom Whipple, Sarah Young, Nicole White, Shannon Worrell, Jeni Sperry, Travis Whipple, and Donna Whipple. Basement cast includes: Edson Whipple, Alivia Waldron, Charlie Briscoe, Makiya Shulz, Shandie Facer, Dalton White, Randy Worrell, Jaylynn Green, Kris White, Alex White, and Conor Worrell.  Taylor Hess is helping with ticket sales.

Throughout the month of October, the volunteers met almost every night to design and build walls, creating scenes and chambers, working right up until the doors opened Friday night. More spooky details were added prior to Saturdays showing and the crew hopes to have even more added before they open again this Friday night. 

The Haunted Theater will be open Friday the 28th, Saturday the 29th and Halloween Monday the 31st. 7-9 p.m. each night. We hope Malad will enjoy all the fun Halloween events in town, including the Straw Maze, the Trunk or Treat at Thomas Market, and our Haunted Theater!