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MMS Football ends seasons

The 8th grade Knights football team finished their season this week in Aberdeen. The Knights finished the game that was canceled due to lighting a few weeks earlier. The game picked up where it left off with two minutes left in the first quarter and the Knights winning 16-0. At half time the score was 16-6 with Malad not having added any points to their lead. 

When the Knights took the field after halftime they had a new game plan and started racking up the points. With several running touchdowns by Drake Morrison, 2 point conversions by Easton Green and a Tiger fumble recovery and touchdown by Dawsyn Peterson the Knights put up an impressive 46-12 final score. The Knights played some awesome offense moving the ball with passes by quarterback Easton Green to Dawsyn Peterson and Braxden Kaufman and runs by Ky Willie, Drake Morrison and Oakley Maddox. Defensively the Knights stayed strong keeping the Tigers on their heels.  The Knights ended their season with a record of 5-2 having gone 12-2 for their middle school career. 

Coach Morrison “This team plays incredibly well together, they support each other and push each other. No matter what is asked of them they step up and give 100%. It has been a great opportunity to coach them and see them grow as a team and as individuals. We are excited to see what they do as Malad Dragons.” 

Huge thank you to the amazing coaching staff Devin Morrison, Devin Robbins, Billy Peabody, Coby Ball, Bryan VanBebber and Clint Price.

The team would also like to thank Mr. and Mrs. Richins for announcing the home games and the Knights wrestling parents that did so much to support the team on and off the field.