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Local Student Raises over 700 dollars for the Library

Local reader Adler Zahn took the challenge of reading as many books as possible seriously.  During the September meeting of the Friends of the Oneida County Library meeting, he was honored for his efforts with the Readathon event sponsored by the organization.  

Earlier in the year, the call was sent out to all students in the valley—read as many books as you can during a monthlong period, and get a friend or family member to sponsor you with a pledge for each book you read.  Despite all the reading that goes on in the valley, as attested to by the summer reading challenge, Adler was the only reader to fully embrace the Readathon.  Not only did he participate, but he fully exceeded everyone’s expectations and stunned the Friends of the Library with his dedication and accomplishment.

Before presenting Zahn with official recognition and a Barnes and Noble gift card, the Friends of the Library met for a regularly scheduled meeting.  Members reported on recent proceeds from book sales at the Oneida County Fair and the Welsh Festival.  In total, the events raised a little under $500.  It was noted that the location had done better for sales than prior years at the American Legion Hall.  It was reported than many of the donated books were cleared out through $5 bags of books, and that all the volunteers did a wonderful job running the library tables at the events.

 Zahn had heard about the Readathon through a “McIntyre Minute” video in which the principal had announced the contest.  Taking the challenge earnestly, Adler began calling friends and relatives to ask if they would contribute to the campaign.  Over the month, Zahn managed to read 194 books, which netted him a total of $714.50.  Among Zahn’s favorite books were the Galaxy Zack series and the Space Taxi series.  Needless to say, the Friends of the Library were very grateful for Zahn’s impressive work!

The Friends of the Library is a 501 (c)(3) not-for-profit organization that works to raise funds for various library projects.  As a government entity, the library itself is not able to apply for some of the many grants available to libraries, while not-for-profits are.  Currently, the library is working on applying for funding for constructing additional facilities, which Zahn’s contributions will go a long way toward supporting.

“We’re hoping to use him as an example for next year!” Friend of the Library Ann Rethard said.  The Friends of the Library plan to sponsor the Readathon again next year, though they are hoping for more participation.  After a discussion of changing up some of the details, the group decided to hold the event during February of next year, with more details to be released in the upcoming months.  

Congratulations to Adler for his fantastic efforts!