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A Busy Homecoming Week

The weather has at least threatened to turn, the leaves have definitely started to, and school is most definitely underway.  As thoughts of summer recede further into pleasant memories, it is most definitely time to come home to the place so many call home, whether currently or in their hearts.  Homecoming Week, as it always does, brought out the joy of celebrating a long tradition of community pride and coming together.

The week’s events including a full slate of activities at the middle and high schools, sports, parties, a bonfire, a parade, and of course the Homecoming football game and dance.

Throughout the week, Malad High’s student council sponsored a number of events and activities.  Each day had a dress up theme, starting with Monday’s “Anything but a backpack” day, where students could bring materials to school in, well, anything but a backpack.  Other themes throughout the week included Disney, Jersey Jam, and Class Color.  Activities were held during school each day, such as Goose chase, Spirit Bowl, Pass the Noodle, Frozen Shirt, Lip Synch, and others.  Mud Games, Tug of War, Capture the Flag, Relay Races, and other events took place later in the day.  After school, Boys Soccer and Volleyball, and Powderpuff Football gave students a chance to compete against each other in time honored grudge matches.

During the week’s point competition, the Seniors took first, with 3,825 points from various activities and the Penny Wars; the Sophomores took second with 2,850; the Juniors took third with 2,550, and the Freshman took fourth with 1,500.  Penny Wars is a schoolwide competition to raise money for a worthy cause.  This year, the school raised $1,016 through the Penny Wars, which was donated to the family of Brett Rose, who recently passed away.  The family chose to donate the money back to Malad High School athletics for use to help with pay-to-play fees for students. 

After Thursday’s Volleyball game, students assembled at the east side of the football field to witness the massive spirit bonfire, and for the chance to swing a sledgehammer at a car donated by the auto class. 

Friday’s parade saw members of the MHS community show off their artistry and spirit as they made their way from the elementary school down to the high school.  Floats featuring creative visions of dragons defeating cardinals in a variety of ways were the standouts, but student organizations, faculty, athletics, and the school as a whole also showed off their Homecoming pride.  The parade float awards tracked with the overall points for the week, with the Seniors taking first, then the Sophomores, Juniors, and Freshmen.  (see parade pictures on pages 5 and 6). On Tuesday, the MHS Lady Dragons Soccer team recorded their first win of the season against Aberdeen, in a hard fought and tense game full of excellent play.  On Thursday, the Volleyball team cemented their fierce reputation so far this year with a strong win in three sets over American Falls.  On Friday, the Football team faced a challenge against Soda Springs, whom they lost to 49-18.  Despite the loss, the Dragons still managed a number of great plays (like a touchdown in the first 17 seconds) and played remarkably well for being down a handful players due to injury.  (Find full sports results on pages 15 and 16