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Antiques and Collectibles Show over the Weekend

The Event Center hosted a fall Antiques and Collectibles Show put on by local antique dealers Bryan and Teri Lyons of Exit 13.  The event was a perfect one for those interested in great deals, interesting artifacts, art and craft products, and collectibles.  

The event was busy throughout the weekend, seeing visitors from all around the region.  The vendors themselves hailed from a range of places, including those fairly close by in Utah, as well as more far flung areas like Sacramento and even Boston.  Mirroring the diversity of the vendors themselves, the items on hand included high end antique furniture, Western collectibles, glassware, baskets, knives, toys, comic books, records, jewelry, and thousands of other items.

Bob Valdez, who is happy to refer to himself as “the toy guy” explained that he always put the Malad show on his calendar.  “I love coming up here.  It’s a great place.  In fact, I’m hoping to move up here sometime,” he said.  He explained that he had a daughter who owned land in St. John and was hoping to eventually make his way up here from North Ogden.  In the meantime, he picks the items he thinks people in the area might like from his vast collection and brings them up.  “It’s interesting to see what people are into every time.  This time we’re doing really well with old metal trucks and vehicles.  And comics and toys always do pretty well, of course.”

Almost immediately after having said that, Valdez began a negotiation with a buyer for a full box of comics.  After some back and forth, the buyer said “I’m going to walk around and think about it.”  

“He’ll be back,” Valdez laughed.  “He seemed pretty serious.”

Keely Christophersen also brings her items up from Ogden, where she otherwise keeps them in storage.  “Oh, we get out to all kinds of different shows in Idaho and Utah.  It’s fun to see who shows up, and of course sell what you can.  This one is great.”

As the day wore on, foot traffic stayed steady, especially with the rodeo sharing the parking lot and pulling people in.  “It’s always fun when something like this comes to town,” one buyer remarked while heading out the door with an armload of new acquisitions.  “I might be back later,” she laughed.

Bryan Lyons reported that around 1,400 people had made their way to the show.