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New Teachers Welcomed

New teacher Simiron Langston

Malad Elementary welcomed a new third-grade teacher for the 2022-23 school year.  Simiron Langston has joined the staff. Langston is familiar to the Oneida School District. She is well know by her maiden name, Simi Nesbit. She is the daughter of  Trissa and Sterling Nesbit.

“I have two little sisters as well,” Langston said. “ Sedar, who is on a mission, and Bayli, who is starting her freshman year at Malad High School.”

Langston graduated from Utah State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education in 2022. 

Langston spent her early years  in South Dakota and moved to Malad when she was 11 years old. After graduating from Malad High School, she  married her husband, Dale Langston in 2019 and moved to Logan where they have lived  since. Langston has a 2-year-old daughter Avie. “We love our little family and love spending time with each other,” she added.

Langston is looking forward to being able to do her dream job and influence and change the lives of the students that she teaches. She loves being able to spend her time helping students learn to love learning. Langston also loves all sports but soccer is her favorite, a sport she played when she attended Malad High School.

Brinn Bagley joins the staff at Malad Elementary School

 Malad Elementary welcomed a new fifth grade teacher to their teaching staff, Brinn Bagley.

When asked about her educational background, Bagley said, “When I was 17, I spent a summer living in the mountains as a camp counselor, and decided I LOVED being with and working to help kids have impactful positive experiences together, so much, maybe I could do this my whole life? So I went to USU to learn all about it, spent time teaching in China and Spain, and received my degree in Elementary Education. After graduation, I served a mission in Taiwan, where I learned Mandarin and taught weekly English classes. When I returned, I started teaching first grade in the Mandarin Dual Immersion program in Utah, and got involved in curriculum development, summer camps, and many dual-language pedagogy teacher trainings for the program. We then moved to Singapore, where I was able to work alongside and learn from some truly wonderful teachers at Stamford International School. And after this, my education in home education began, as we began homeschooling with my own girls, which we have loved so so much!  During this time I graduated with a Master's Degree in Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences from USU, continued study of nature-based learning, became an ERAFANS Certified Nature Based Educator, and now run outdoor summer camps of our own.” 

Bagley is looking forward to meeting and getting to spend time growing and working together as a little community of learners, which is one of her absolute favorite things in this world. She also loves being in the mountains, making music, reading, writing, making stuff, and eating brownies.

Bagley is originally from Salt Lake City, Utah, and has been coming to Malad on weekends and summers to visit since she was 9 years old.

Bagley has two daughters, Anna  (11) and Bea (7), and is married to Eric Chipman. They love exploring and learning about the world together and have been on many wild adventures as a team.

Bagley knows there has been some confusion about her last name. Many people have heard her last name as Chipman. When Bagley got married she did not change her last name. Many people assume that her last name will be the same as her husband’s and in church settings, she has gone by that last name but on official documents, her last name is Bagley so as a teacher she will go by Mrs. Bagley.