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New Teachers Welcomed

Malad Elementary School New Teacher Christie Schow

Malad Elementary School welcomed a new fourth-grade teacher for the 2022-2023 school year. Christie Schow will be working with the fourth grade this year. 

Schow has been very busy the last few years working to gain her education and she recently graduated from Western Governors University in Elementary Education. 

Mrs. Schow is excited to work with the fourth graders about Social Emotional Learning and how to be leaders. She is excited to work with and help develop the country’s future leaders. 

Along with beginning her teaching career, Schow is well known in the Oneida School District. She has spent the last few years working with the Malad High School Softball team as the head coach. She helped  her team become State Champions for the last three seasons.

Schow and her husband, Dave Schow have three sons Tate (22) who is working in Logan, Dex (19) who is attending Utah State University, and Jes (15), A sophomore at MHS.

When asked what her hobbies included Schow said “Exercise, snow skiing, fly fishing, yoga, eating out, watching movies, reading good books, and watching MHS Dragon Softball take state the last 3 years.” 

Malad Elementary School welcomes Natalie Reiss as new Kindergarten teacher 

 Reiss  is the daughter of David and Krishele Jensen. She is married to Eric Reiss, the son of Shawn and Alisa Reiss. So she has strong ties bringing her back to Malad. 

Natalie is not a new face to the Oneida School District. She grew up in Malad, working her way through the Oneida School District, graduating from Malad High School in 2016. She began her education at Utah State University, then took a short hiatus as she served a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the Louisiana Baton Rouge Mission. 

After returning from her mission, Reiss continued her education. She married Eric Reiss in 2020. 

Reiss graduated from Utah State University in May of 2022 with dual degrees in Elementary Education and Early Childhood Education. 

In February 2022, while  doing her student teaching, she learned of a job opportunity in Malad teaching third grade after the teacher took another position. Those doing their student teacher could apply for this job and use the experience in the classroom to finish out their education degrees. Reiss applied and was offered the teaching position. She moved home and started teaching Third Grade.

 “It was hard, but one of the best decisions I have ever made,” said Reiss. “I didn’t expect to be back in Malad already, but I loved teaching that class and I had the best students who were patient with me as I learned. We had a lot of fun, and it was sad to see them leave me so soon.”

Natalie and Eric Reiss officially moved back to Malad this summer and Natalie  will be teaching all-day kindergarten. She is excited about the opportunity to implement what she has learned while working on her degrees into a classroom and build a curriculum based on play. 

Reiss added, “This is something I have wanted for a long time but wasn’t sure it was a realistic dream to have. I am excited to try, and have had a lot of fun putting my classroom together and preparing for the coming school year.”

Reiss comes from a family of teachers. “It’s not something we all planned on, but something that comes naturally to us and that we enjoy,” she added. “It is something that connects me to my mom and sisters, and a support system.” In fact, this summer we decided to take all the knowledge and experience we had and started a business where we create learning materials to engage children called Jensen Sisters Learning Materials. I love coming up with new ideas and creating new resources with my sisters.”

Reiss and her sister, Janalie Youngblood, have both graduated from Utah State University with degrees in Elementary and Early Childhood Education. Janalie is currently teaching at Summit Academy in Bluffdale, Utah. Younger sister Kristle Jensen is also pursuing the same degree and will graduate in two years. Sister-in-law Ashlee Jensen is also an Elementary Education Major, working with the Oneida School District through IHLA. And Reiss’s mother, Krishele Jensen, teaches at Malad Middle School. Both of her grandmothers were teachers as well as her grandfathers and great-grandmother. 

When Reiss is not creating learning materials, my hobbies include piano, ukulele, paddleboarding, pickleball, reading, and drawing with Sharpies.

Malad High school New Teacher Coby Crozier

 Malad High School welcomed new teacher Coby Crozier. Crozier is also the head football coach and will be teaching conditioning and PE. 

Crozier graduated from Utah State University with a degree in education After graduation, Crozer was offered a job teaching  PE and Health to grades Kindergarten through Fourth in Rock Springs, Wyoming for a year. He then taught 7th through 9th grade PE and Health in Ogden Utah for two years.

Crozier has been hard at work at Malad High School since June when he took over as the Head Football Coach. He was featured in an earlier edition of The Idaho Enterprise introducing him as the new coach. He is married with one young child and has recently moved to the community. 

Ashlee and Jarek Crossley joining the staff at Malad Schools

 Ashlee Crossley has joined the staff at Malad Elementary School this year, working as the part-day Kindergarten teacher as well as working as a Resource teacher. 

Crossley grew up in Preston, Idaho, graduating from Preston High School in 2016. After high school, she attended Idaho State University where she studied Psychology for the first two years but she quickly learned that was not what she wanted to do. She switched to getting her associates in general studies and then decided to study education. She spent four years at Idaho State University earning her bachelor’s degree in education. She just graduated in May, 2022.

 Crossley grew up in a family of three where she was the oldest. She has one little sister and one little brother. She married her high school sweetheart , Jerek Crossley, in 2017. Together they have a little black cat named Tinker and a long-haired Dachshund named Bruno who Crossley said “are beyond spoiled since they don’t have any children yet.”

Crossley is looking forward to doing what she loves. “I love being with children,” she added, “They have such a fun energy and I love teaching them new things. I love the little spark you see in their eyes when they learn something new.” 

Crossley has many different hobbies which include: riding horses, playing games, watching movies, and spending time with family. 

The Crossley’s are always looking to meet new friends and find something fun to do and are very excited to be a part of the community.

 Jarek Crossley has been added to the staff at Malad High School for this 2022-23 school year. Crossley will be teaching specifically Physical Science and Biology.

Crossley grew up in Preston, Idaho. He continued his education at Idaho State University earning a Bachelor's in Ecology and Conservation Biology in 2019. He enrolled in a Masters of Arts in Teaching or a MAT program in January.

Jarek Crossley and his wife Ashlee, moved to Pocatello to attend college in Pocatello,  moving back to Preston until they recently moved to Malad and bought their first home.

Crossley is the second oldest of four children. He grew up on a small beef farm. Both of his parents are high school teachers as well. His mom teaches science and his dad is an agriculture teacher in Preston. His wife is also from Preston, just finishing her student teaching. Ashlee Crossley will be teaching kindergarten at Malad Elementary School.

Crossley is looking forward to inspiring through science. His goal is to demonstrate just how cool science is and how to think like a scientist. 

Some of his hobbies include: snowboarding, playing games, riding horses, and is interested in learning to blacksmith. He also has an  interest in science, mostly biology, and especially ichthyology, which is the study of fish.