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New Event Venue “The White Robin” opens near summit

You may have noticed construction on the restored farmhouse and barn near the bottom of the summit on Old Highway 191 over the last several months.  The location, which has been officially named the “White Robin,” has opened for reservations as a new event venue for the county.  While its focus is on weddings, the venue is also open to corporate functions, parties, family reunions, and any number of other events.  The property also includes a large field, which may be used to host dry camping events in conjunction with those held at the facility proper.

Nestled alongside the stream near the climb to the summit, the location offers a facility for indoor and outdoor seating in a shaded, rustically well-appointed property.  The large, renovated barn can seat a full wedding party, and contains additional outdoor seating for dozens of attendees.  The house on the property contains a bridal room for wedding preparations, and facilities for caterers as well. 

“The name ‘White Robin’ came from when we were getting this all set up,” Ne’Cole Tracy said.  “When we were painting the barn, he told me we had a nest of robins up there that didn’t seem like they wanted to move.”

“He,” in this case, is husband and co-owner Bobby Tracy, who laughed.  “We painted around them as long as we could, just hoping they would eventually leave.  Luckily they did.”

“Ne’Cole bought the house about seven years ago,” Bobby said.  “She kept saying—even on our second date if I remember right—we could do this and this and this, and we kind of came up with the concept from there.  She’s been thinking about it forever.  We’ve just been adding to it ever since.”  

Bobby has mostly been in charge of the remodeling and landscaping, with the help of Gabe’s Landscaping.  “We wanted to make sure to keep it as natural as possible outside, to make a great environment for everyone using it.”  The stream-side seating area is a clear reflection of this, as the sounds of gently rolling water can be heard throughout the location, and the river tree shade provides a refreshing respite from the otherwise unrelenting sun of midsummer. 

Garlands of soft overhead outdoor lights create a lovely cultivated outdoor elegance to the outdoor seating areas.

Plans are underway for further additions and refinements.  “We want to put grass in all up there,” Bobby said, pointing up the slope from the stream bank.  “And some white fencing.  Though we want to keep it all as wild looking as possible, and as open as we can.  Just—listen to that,” he paused. “The sound of that stream is amazing.  That’s something we want to preserve.”

Bobby and Ne’Cole themselves were married at the location two years ago, and their children soon followed.  “Ne’Cole decided that she didn’t want to do the ‘old barn look,’ so we decided on ‘barn with elegance.’” The finished product certainly fits that description.

“We used the input of people who really know what they’re doing,” Ne’Cole said.  “My oldest daughter McKenna is a professional photographer, so we took a lot of her knowledge into account when we decided how to decorate the barn.  The lighting in there is designed to be as perfect as possible for wedding pictures.”

The open house allowed the public to tour the facility, see the location set up as it might be for a wedding, and meet the owners.  The open house featured decorations by Edith’s Collective, Simply by Cheryl and refreshments from the Frozen Cow and Bamma Wammas.

The White Robin is located at 10990 N Old Highway 191 and can be contacted for event reservations at (801) 513-0961.

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