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SLCC teaches players new skills at MHS Boys Basketball Camp 2022

The Malad High School Boys Basketball team prepared for their upcoming season by participating in a basketball camp in June. The camp was a great three days for the boys and was lead by Kyle Taylor the head coach at Salt Lake Community College (SLCC). 

Malad’s Coach Zach Beutler said he found this camp  an invaluable experience to provide student athletes the opportunity to learn from current credible sources that will reinforce the principles that as a staff they plan to teach. 

Coach Beutler said, “It was beneficial for my staff and I along with all the players that chose to participate. We had Coach Taylor put on a camp for our youth earlier in June and later in the month we had him come to teach and instruct our incoming 7th-12th graders.” 

Beutler continued by stating,  “Principles he teaches, drills he reps and his approach to the game was both enlightening and exciting for all that participated.” 

This summer the boys have also had the opportunity to participate in 20+ games, spending weekends in Ririe, American Falls, Preston, and West Side. They held practice sessions for 90 minutes every weekday night in June when they were not at camp or participating in games.

 “We as a staff focused our energy and efforts on helping the boys develop their personal skills,” continued Coach Beutler. “We worked on team offense and defensive principles. I often say nobody cares what your little league or summer league record was so I can’t even tell you what our win/loss was for the summer. Focus was on fundamentals and preparation both as individuals and as a team. Those boys that made time to work with us made huge strides developing their IQ of the game as well as their personal physical skill set. We worked on muscle memory drills and equipped the boys with drills and expectations of how they can continue their development between now and November.” 

Coach Beutler added that he  is proud of his boys and the efforts they have made this summer.

Throughout the off season the coaching staff also set an expectation for the boys. Each boy is pushing to reach a goal of making 10,000 shots before the end of November 2022. There are several boys on the team that are taking this challenge seriously. The team is able to see and encourage one another via the use of AI HomeCourt, an artificial intelligence app that tracks and keeps record of all their hard work. Coach Beutler and his coaching staff would also like to invite all youth and high school boys to join in on the shooting and agility challenges. They currently have boys from fifth to twelfth grade actively participating. If there are youth that would like to join the team you can text Zach Beutler at (208)251-8839 and he will add them to the team.