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64th Annual Malad Little League Tournament to be held this weekend

The tournament runs from Thursday July 21 to Saturday July 23 at Malad City Park and Pioneer Park.

This weekend the 64th annual Malad Little League Tournament will be held. The tournament runs from Thursday July 21  to Saturday July 23 at Malad City Park and Pioneer Park. 

This year's tournament will include 18 total teams, 7 minor league and 11 major league from all over Southern and Central Idaho. Pool play starts Thursday morning at 7:00am and goes until about 7pm Friday night. Some tournament games will start Friday night and the championship games will be played Saturday afternoon. 

Friday night there will also be the homerun derby put on by the Malad High School Baseball Team as a fundraiser. The tournament will also include the traditional watermelon bust as well as have concessions and t-shirts for sale. 

The 10U schedule is: Thursday: 10:15- Bear Lake (9u) vs Idaho Patriots, 1:10- Vipers (9U) vs Caribou Crushers, 2:35- Idaho Patriots vs Yetis, 4:00- Caribou Crushers vs Bear Lake (10U), 5:25- Yetis vs Vipers (9U), 6:50- Vipers (10U) vs Bear Lake (10U).

Friday: 9:00- Vipers (10U) vs Yetis, 10:45- Vipers (9u) vs Bear Lake (9U), 12:30- Idaho Patriots vs Vipers (10U), 2:15- Caribou Crushers vs Bear Lake (9U), 4:00- Idaho Patriots vs Bear Lake (10U), 5:30ish Home run derby- minors. The Single Elimination Tournament will begin at 8:45 Saturday morning.

The 12U schedule is: Thursday: 7:00am- Preston Indians Vs Pocatello Renegades (south field), 7:00am- Malad vs Chubbuck Quake (north field), 8:30- Bear Lake 11U vs Soda Springs (north field) 8:30- Bear Lake 12U vs MV Outlaws (South Field), 10:00 Chubbuck Quake vs Preston Indians (south field), 11:30 Malad vs Soda Springs (south field), 1:00 Bear Lake 11U vs Pocatello Renegade (south field), 2:30 Vipers 12U vs MV Outlaws (south field), 4:00 Vipers 11U vs Bear Lake 12U (south field), 5:30 Idaho Bombers vs Vipers 12U (south field), 7:00 Vipers 11U vs Idaho Bombers (south field).

Friday:7:00 Malad vs Bear Lake 11U (north field), 7:00 Vipers 12U vs Chubbuck Quake (south field), 8:30 Pocatello Renegades vs MV Outlaws (south field), 10:00 Malad vs Preston Indians (south field), 11:30 Bear Lake 12U vs Idaho Bombers (south field), 1:00 Soda Springs vs Vipers 11U (south field). The Single Elimination tournament will begin Friday at 3:15pm.

The Malad Little League Tournament is the longest consecutively running little league tournament in Idaho. It is usually one of the final tournaments of the summer. Teams sign up early to be a part of this tournament and are eager to face the competition as they come to spend an exciting weekend in Malad. There will be a lot of tough competition through the three days of action.