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Library Celebrates Summer Reading

A party for participants of the Oneida County Library’s Summer Reading program took to the park Tuesday for food, prizes and fun to celebrate 5,091 total hours of reading recorded by those involved over the summer.  Train rides, horse rides, balloons, a lunch, and special prizes for those who read over thirty hours were all on offer during the afternoon festivities.  Books were given out to everyone who made their goals for the summer.

The adult reading program continues until August 1st.  

By age group, the readers with the most hours were:

Overall: Winona Young (139 hours), Aspen Allen (120), and Doris Young (113).

0-3: Monte Carter (44), Harold Young (37), Briggs Turpin (36).

4-7: Victoria Anderson (70), Ike Carter (54), Camilla Anderson (48).

8-11: Katy Carter (90), Hannah Anderson (88), Ira Carter (87).

12-14: Aspen Allen (120), Doris Young (113), Kimball Carter (91).

15-18: Winona Young (139), Tatum Hess (60), Lindi Young (45), Sarah Young (45).